Could this be ALS`? - Alot of weird symtoms.

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Nov 27, 2023
Learn about ALS

I have had alot of symtoms the last 8 months wich some I dont see has anything to do with ALS, and some "mabye" has.
But before I start the thread I will be going to a neurologist in 20 days.

It all started with Pain in the "lower"abdominal area, wich I had for almost 4 months, and mean while that I had 2 periods where I was sick 3-6 days with hearvy fatigue and poor appetite and pain in the legs / sensory disturbances like legs bruning and numbess in the right side of the face. all that came and go, I could be fine for 2-3 weeks then bad for 2 weeks, and so the cycle continues, last cycle before now I had brain frog for a almost a month. But now I have a werid feeling in my right leg, it feel different and weaker than the other and is in pain (not much) and going down to the foot. meanwhile do I have pain in the shoulders and a stiff neck(right side only aswell), this 3 things alone would not have me concern for ALS. But the other day then I was on the PC, my left arm suddenly got really week, it lasted for 2 days and now feel alot better now. I cant decide if the arm feel alot weaker or not, but main problem is my leg wich hurting even if I sit on my chair and feel weak, came from one day to the other.

sensory disturbances, have been around both arms, legs in the past.
Im going tomrrow for a masseuse meanwhile I wait for a neurologist.

should i be worried about ALS as it is right now? for me it could look more like MS, as it come and go. But time will tell, mabye is just stress!

EDIT: I still feel werid and numbess about the liver area time to time!
I have been testet for hepatitis and other liver virus as the pain startede there.

Thanks for your time :)

EDIT : forgot to said for 45 days ago I was sick 4 days again with heavy pain around the liver area, I dont think this has anything to do with ALS (I hope)

If you have a read of the link below, it pretty clearly outlines why what you are reporting points away from ALS/MND.

Read Before Posting

It sounds like you are taking appropriate steps to get some relief for your pain and stiffness while you wait for your next appointment with a doctor.

Take care

Went to the doctor today, to get a reference to a neurolog, and when my health care is done with the denouements they can get me a time within 10 days.


But the problem right now, is the last 3 days I had heavy pain in my right leg and foot sometimes, worst when im in a car? and goes away when I walk. The leg still feels weak compare to the left. IS that normal with ALS? and still have numbness in the right side of the neck.
Not at all ALS. Perhaps a spinal issue
Hello again.

I want to give a update since it has been a really werid day today wich I dont understand anything off.
When I waked up my left arm was really weak compare to the other, but that lasted "only" 2-3 hours, then it came back to what I think is near normal strength , meanwhile mid on the day, I got "pain" in both my lower legs, I hope i wirte the right word in English. "behind the tibia" back of the lower legs, I dont know the word sorry. But it did not stop me for walking or running short distances. Then the last pain I got for today was then I was driving home, I got pain in the right side "liver area" and pain in bottom of my feets, and behind tiba again, and palm of the hand/ numbness on my chin. I wanted to get some pain meds when I came home, but the pain was almost gone there. "Lastede 30 mins or so"

Have any of you seen this before in ALS? I know things like numbness,tingling, and so on can happen in ALS, but that should be late mid/late state? then you dont can move one arm and so on. or im worng?

(I donated to this forum cause I respect how you all are willing to help other people, that is truly a godsend!)
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No, the things you are writing about are not typical in ALS onset. I would keep in touch with your primary doctor since there is much in what you say that could relate to getting over a virus, even if never tested positive for anything like Covid.

I would also use a wearable device and maybe video your sleep, since poor or fragmented sleep or a sleep surface that is no longer supporting you adequately can relate to everything you describe.

When you see the neurologist, I would ask about a sleep study.
Okay thanks, yes i have sleep apnea, and I just got a machine I can sleep with to try it out.

Note: just now when I saw your post I got Sudden weakness in the right arm, just like I got in the the left last friday??
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Your mind sounds like it's working overtime on this. Just live your life.

The CPAP can help a great deal. It may take some time to get comfortable and find the right mask/settings, but everything works and feels better when you get enough oxygen in sleep and your heart/lungs don't have to work as hard.
yes, my mind is really working on overtime with this, but right now Im just dealing with pain, all from the right lower leg and toes in both legs and fingers (both hands). I can still walk without any problem so far for what I can see, is kinda werid since. I would not think pain in ALS would come this early if it is that?

I did not have any twitching what so ever for what I notice, and nor is there any bulbar signs, nor did I trip and fall.
I did notice some vision blurry 1-2 (I think) mins yesterday morning and after massage.

I read tihs on Mayo website:

There's generally no pain in the early stages of ALS. Pain also is not common in the later stages. ALS doesn't usually affect bladder control. It also usually doesn't affect the senses, including the ability to taste, smell, touch and hear.

So this pain I have should not have anything to do with ALS at this stage?

And I did use the CPAP for 2 days now, and yes is something I need to get used to :)

I got a time to the neurologist the 13/12-2023.
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That is correct; ALS onset is generally not associated with pain such as you describe. I am sure the neurology visit will be reassuring in that regard as well.
Okay thanks.

When I came home today I got pain / cramps in the right foot that went up to the right lower leg, then upper leg, then right arm and then gave me a headache in the right side of the head...
after 1 hour I got heary pain / cramps in both my feet, and lower/upper legs... Pain meds did not help at all.

I must said im really worried.. that it look like ALS... I have this pain almost all the time today...

I can still walk, but the pain is just to much.
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I played some games on my computer last night, and then I went to bed my right arm was really weak, and it still is that when when I just woke up now. I can feel a difference from my left and right arm, it does not feel good at all! I can still lift it over my head and stuff like that.

is it normal that the arm goes before the legg even due it all started in the right leg? I dont feel the same diffences in my legs as I do in my arms at all, and it all startede in my right legs.

It dont look like I have a problem with my right hand, only the arm feels weak.
There is no stiffness, only weakness, got my old dad to see if there is any muscle atrophy, but we both know that even doe he worked at a hospital, that is best saw by a doctor. Anyway he did not think there is any muscle atrophy, and both my side of the body look the same.
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You are not listening to us nothing sounds like ALS We don’t know what’s wrong with you. That is for the doctors to figure out. In the meantime as Laurie says live your life. Please only post back after your appointment

I wanted to make a update on my last post since i have now been to a neurolog.

Part 1 thread: Could this be ALS`? - Alot of weird symtoms.

Forward to today, I was at the neruolog today, and it was a full 1 hour session.

He testet all the reflexes, strength, balance and looked for muscle atrophy. Wich all came back normal.
I told him that I still had some cramps (pain) that could jumped from body part to part and side to side of the body, and to that he said that could not be ALS at all, aswell has some weakness wich he did not see in the test.

He mention that I was on "Fluconazol" medicin 60-70 days ago and some rare side effects was cramp, and pain. I did aswel back in time get 2 blood test at my "normal" doctor one month apart. wich last one was with the medicin, and he saw some test wich came back sighly under normal levels wich could be to the medicin at that time. He did not understand why they never did a follow up due to some test was under the level.
So after all, he did not see a reason to do a MRI, EMG or spirale test at this point, he will do a follow up on the blood test to see where they are now, and see how the "pain" is in 30 days.

I feel some days are better than others with pain and weakness, so clearly I think is not ALS at this point.
The mind can do alot to the body, there are 100 other reasons why pain and weakness can come, and I see that now.

I thanks alot for the support of this forum, and I will keep donate money.

I consinder this case as closes unless some werid things come up the next few months.
I will now try to focus on my life, and not be looking on ALS on the Internet.

Again thank to you all.
I wish you all the best!
Thank you for letting us know. Wishing you a long and healthy life!
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