Could these symptoms be worrying?


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May 9, 2024
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Hello, everyone.
My name is Matheus, I live in Brazil, and I'm 28 years old.

I'm experiencing some symptoms that brought me to this forum. In November 2022, I went to the neurologist because I was feeling some fasciculations in my head. I had a CT scan, but it didn't show anything.

Today, I feel fasciculations all over my body: in my head, abdomen, legs, arms, and feet. Some days they are more frequent, and others not so much. I'm noticing something that I can't define if it's weakness; when I lift something heavy, my arms start to tremble, and if I stand on tiptoe, my leg starts to tremble. I feel my legs heavy, but I can walk normally. I haven't lost weight, and I continue eating normally.

I can do all my daily tasks, like dressing, buttoning up my shirt, putting on socks, etc.

What worries me the most is some of my limbs trembling when I lift weight and the fasciculations.

From your experiences, could this be worrying?
Hi Matheus-

The first thing to do, if you are worried about your health, is to visit with a doctor. We can only provide the most basic of advice here. You should also read here: Read Before Posting. It explains that twitching without clinical weakness should not be of concern for MND/ALS. Only a doctor can assess for the type of weakness described in ALS. Feeling weak is not the same thing as clinical weakness, what you report here is not worrying for ALS, no. What it might be is something to work out with your doctor.

Please take care