could it be ALS related?

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Apr 13, 2007
Dear mates,

I have always had this symptom for more than 10 years now and lately I was thinking that it could be ALS related, I don't know. It is like when I am really hungry or starving, my whole body especially my arms and legs start to shake so I rush to eat whatever I can reach to calm myself down in order to prepare something to eat.
Have any of you experienced this before?

Does not sound like ALS to me - more like diabetes. But could be a lot of things.....when was the last time you saw your doctor?
Sounds like low blood sugar to me. You need a fasting glucose tolerance test.
Hey Joel & Al,

Thanks for your replies. I guess it is related somehow to my blood sugar I don't and I haven't tell any doctor about it because I have got used to it and it is not that often, just once in a while. But it seems that it has nothing to do with ALS, or jALS so. Now I am curious to tell my family doctor about it.

My dad actually gets that and the doctor told him to have something to eat every 2 hours. He's 92 though.
well I am 60 kg so it is always good for me to eat :D I have also noticed that it goes right after eating sugar or carbohydrate stuff like chocolates and so

I would suggest you take Als' advice and get a glucose tolerance test. From what you just desribed it could be hypoglycemia, the opposite of diabetes. In any account, please see your doctor
Hey thank you Joel I will check it with my Doctor even though I feel like taking a break from doctors now ;)
Hey Omar-I know what you mean. At my last visit my doc and I agreed to wait 6 months before I go back, unless something dramatic happens first. Next week will be one full month without going to see some sort of specialist. I feel like a normal person with a normal life!:-D One with lots of weakness and plenty of symptoms but normal, none-the-less. Cindy
Hmmm! I agree with everyone else and think that you should get your suger checked. Perhaps you should also ensure that you are drinking enough water.... If you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded while all this is going on it is best to go rather soon. Please don't play with your health get this taken care of....

Cindy I liked you post is really made me smile.... You have a great outlook... Keep up the good work.

Hey Cindy and Jen,

Thank you, I am not really worried about it after all I have ALS so I don't think
it would be worse ;)
but I will check it with my family Dr. once I miss him :D

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