Coq-10 Doesn't Work

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Tall John

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Mar 30, 2007
UCSF told me today to save my money and stop taking
Tall John,

I am not trying to contradict what you are saying, but I think that CoQ may affect different people in different ways. My Dad has been taking it for several months and has noticed that it helps a great deal for him. So although it may not be helpful for all people, it may still benefit some in some way.
I find co-q10 works for the stiffness in my legs. I started at 100mg,several months ago and upped my dose in March to 300mg (100mg, 3 times a day). Eating better foods (fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and seed, whole grains and beans) helped me more, no more junk for me.
It may work for lots of things, but it DOES NOT slow the progression of ALS.....THIS HAS NOW BEEN PROVEN
You've hopped on every board and said CoQ-10 doesn't work. You say USCF proved it. In fact what was tested was high dose CoQ-10 alone. I have seen no studies where utilizing CoQ-10 at reasonable doses along with others has been proven ineffective. It is simple blanket statements such as these the close peoples minds to the possibility of treatments. Partial truths are no better than lies. Either make a complete statement or no statement at all.

If you read through the rest of what you wrote, then think about it, you'll have your answer.

I'm just trying to get info out and save people money..................spend yours any way you want
Please Tall John enlighten me. I will preach my stupidity to the masses. All I ask is that you show me where mitochondria do not play a role in ALS. I can show you where CoQ-10 at low levels plays a pivotal role in the mitochondria of a cell including neurons.

The study you keep waving was for high dose CoQ-10 alone. It did not look at CoQ-10 in combination with any other substance. It also did not measure quality of life or life extension under 9 months. The last I checked rilutek only averaged 3 months but lo and behold it is FDA approved for $1K a month.

Please either prove me wrong or stop waving your flag. I'm quite tired of the so called righteous trying to convince the masses they know more than the scientific community. If you're not a neurologist, if you haven't seen the patient, if you don't want to read and post the trial endpoints and comment accordingly then spare me the diatribe because I have more productive things to do with my time then listen to unfounded or incomplete ramblings of those willing to burn witches.

Tall John I apologize if this attack seems personal, I didn't intend it to be so. I am having what you could call a bad day. All I ask is post the entire story. We as a community have enough bullshit to deal with without adding in the miasma of incomplete information.

None of us here are capable of diagnosing or saying what will or will not work. We can offer opinions only. In my eyes, anyone that has the audacity to tell you any definite information across a forum is a fool to be avoided like the plague.
Hey TallJohn, I'm going to have to agree with Jeff. One of the leading theories to motor neuron death with ALS is mitochondrial dysfunction and subsequent oxidative stress. CoQ10 is a fairly powerful antioxidant . . . and might not by itself be enough to slow the hypothesized process of motor neuron death . . . but most, if not all PALS who are taking drugs and supplements are taking a cocktail of drugs/supplements. As a whole, these drugs may at the very least have an additive effect in fighting oxidative stress but could very well potentiate each other. This is why, for example, there is a "cocktail" of drugs that are used to suppress HIV. Each drug by itself wouldn't work . . . but the "cocktail" of drugs together do work to suppress HIV. CoQ10 is kind of expensive but I don't think it's money wasted. There isn't any magic bullet to stop ALS, so why not take the shotgun approach and fight it with everything available.
I dont know why Tall John is so down on CoQ10 I take it and I feel better If I stop I feel weaker So anyone who thinks it hElps continue taking it. Some People react diffErent to some drugs THEN oTHERs.

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