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Jan 8, 2008
Not emotional. Physical. Does anyone have as much trouble as I do getting into bed and turning over in bed? It is such a struggle. Scrunch, scrunch, wiggle, wiggle, pull, push, scrunch some more. And as much as I love him, having hubby in bed just adds to the struggle. Has anyone figured out a way to turn over in bed without taking 10 minutes and a whole lot of effort? A lot of times I just run out of steam and stop in whichever position I'm in and just go off to sleep. Unfortunately, it's not very comfortable. And yes, I could use a new mattress, but we all know the money woes. And no, I'm not kicking my husband out of bed.
If you've come up with some techniques, I'd love it if you would share.



Oh my gosh...that sounds exactly like my husband. We bought a memory foam bed a year ago...and now it is to hard for my husband to turn over in it. We tested the dial by number bed...but oh my is expensive. I think we will have to buy a firmer mattress very soon. I know that blankets can be pretty binding..he sleeps with just a light blanket at this point. Good luck..we have to brainstorm on this one. Hope you get some zzzzzz's tonight. Kelly
Jeanette dont feel alone .we use to just spin over and now we cant ,all those muscle issues ,lots of intricate muscle movements we use to take for granted . I wake almost always between 2 -4 am. . I start out on my back and get copius amounts of what i call yawn spasms (cant stop yawning ) turn on my ride side and im fine why ? another Twilight Zone Mystery LOL . Then i use to try and roll over but i take up toooooo Much turning radius and run into my wife . Soooo I devised what i call the worm turn , scrinch up like a worm then turn ,scrinch up again then turn . At least now i dont run into her . Before i cant remmber ever waking at night . (ps) we have a Queen size bed so you would think plenty of room NOT also if i sweat, the sheets stick when turning and i pull the sheets off of her LOL LOL another Twilight Zone Mystery . Health Issues are like Dominos when one falls they all begin to fall . Geo
Somewhere on one of our earlier threads someone posted a picture of a trapeze bar he had positioned over his bed, to use when trying to reposition himself in bed. And I heard that if you still have strength in your arms, you can move your legs by sliding a scarf or some other long piece of fabric under them, then lift and reposition using the ends of the scarf. Kind of like a sling. Might be time to teach your house-mates/family how to move you at night?
Capt. Al used the trapeze. Might be time to call the ALSA chapter and see if they have a hospital loaner bed. Better mattress and side bars can help with turning. If you get help turning I've heard putting a plastic garbage bag under you makes it easier to move around.
Gee thanks everyone. Some great ideas out there. As much as I hate the idea of the side rails, it sounds like the cheapest and easiest idea. sound just like me. We have a queen size bed and to do a proper turn, I really need to take up the whole thing just to end up back on the edge of my side of the bed.
Ain't life grand?
We also have an extra high bed (in style now ?) talk about fun to get in, and she bought a foam thing to go on top . Just Give me a Challenge LOL . I have'nt fallen out yet . Life is full of Challenges . Good Luck Any how Geo
Ah the joys of sleeping

My father in law has Parkinsons. My m-i-l bought sateen sheets and slippery shorts for him. When he rolls, he uses the whole bed and she justs pull him back to his side.
I have unconfirmed PLS and I fall asleep in mid turn with my hand in the air. I have no idea how long I stay this way. And my hubby and I sleep in seperate beds. The original reasons were hot flashes and too many pets in bed. Our bedroom looks like a hotel room.
My m-i-l and I made a pad with handled for him to sleep on and be pulled on.
Good sleeping, Angie
sleep issues

My mom had the same trouble for a long time untill we got her one of those air matresses for bed sore control and she said she didnt have the need to turn as much at night sleeping on that .it helped her sleep thru the night for a long time
Hey, Everyone...

I, too, have had trouble turning over and getting out of bed! I believe the turning over problem is due to my hips being weak...I had my neurologist write me a "prescription" to see a physical therapist and their initial assessment was that I had weak ankles, hips and shoulders. Now I try to do exercises to strengthen these parts...I saw the therapists for a few weeks, learned some things I could do at home and took it from there.
Hang in there, DBowman
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