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May 6, 2007
Hello everyone, This may have been discussed before but I could not find it in the search icon. So, forgive if it was. Today the lung function test came back on me positive for COPD. Has anyone ever had this after/before their DX (Mar 07)? I haven't seen my neuro-muscular yet to ask. This was done after a trip to ER. To me this seems like just a sign of further weakening of the lungs?:confused: I know if I ask my friends here will inform me of their experiences. I was given samples of Spiriva to try. It is a powdered inhaler. Any one know about that? Oh, I have bulbar onset. Thanks for your input in advance. sherry

Husband was given samples of something you crush with an inhaler after he saw the pulmonoligist, then albuterol inhaler. Don't know what to tell you because his lung capacity test is off the charts as of mid July. So I would have to say it doesn't have to do with declining symptoms of ALS. I Could be wrong.

I'm thinking PALS might be more sensitive to allergens after onset. Don't know.
Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll have to get the doctor to explain. I do know that I have to quit smoking. Have planned on it from the time I started(messy divorce). But I have cut back only 1/2 pkg per day, at the most 1yr ago 1 pack per day. It was just so difficult with the stress of DX. I know excuses....Pray that I can find the will power to deal with all and nicotine dts too. Sounds like he has the same meds. By the way neighbor GA/AL. If ever in AL. I live about 20 mins off I-20 before you get to B'ham. Drop by. sherry
COPD is the abbreviation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and my experience, from working in the hospital, is that this diagnosis is mostly given to people who smoked or were in an environment that caused lung disease. It is a disease that causes retention of CO2. My grandmother had it from smoking and I do not think it has anything to do with the respiratory muscles, just the alveoli being diseased and not able to do their job!
My mother had COPD for one year prior to being diagnosed with ALS. She had been on O2 24/7 for that time. Since her diagnosis, lung function is decreasing rapidly and we found out today that we need to start considering going on a BiPap machine. She is on the Spiriva inhaler and albuterol inhaler. She really likes the Spiriva as she only has to take it once a day. Her pulmonologist also wants her to start her using a nebulizer (making her meds into steam so that she can inhale them better). Good luck to you. Alot of people have COPD and it is managed quite well. The ALS just complicates things a little more. I will keep you in my prayers.
Thanks everyone for your replys. All of them are kind of what I expected. Stupid bad habits turn around and bite you in the...well you know. "home again" My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom also. Itr, you are right I am just finding this additional diagnosed a little overwhelming with the ALS too. I feel like the bottom rock in a landslide. Thanks again! sherry
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