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Oct 15, 2007
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Hi all,

Just wanted to share what has worked for my dad, who has suffered with constipation since starting on his various medications.

He was prescribed Movical which gave him bad wind and stomach cramps and was very hit and miss for getting him going.

A continence advisor suggested trying yoghurt and he has been having Danone (Dannon in the US) Activia yoghurts (with Bifidus regularis), not every day, and they have alleviated the problem very well.

I don't suppose they will work for everyone, but if I can help just one person to suffer a little less it will be worthwhile.

Thanks for the good information Debbie. I also use Benefiber when I need it and it helps.
As I loose muscle in my hips the bones protrude and sleeping becomes uncomfortable. Plus I have a touch of bursitis in one hip. Several years ago we discovered that if I drink soy products or eat tofu, it seems to grease my joints and is less expensive than some of the supplements. But: Soy is hard to take unless you make a smoothie with lots of fruit.

Interestingly, that solves a lot of problems. The smoothie is thick enough not to choke upon, the soy provides protein and keeps my joints oiled, and the fruit- well, the fruit helps with constipation.
My Dh had this problem. Sometimes he would use prune juice but when I started giving him active acidolphilus tablets (as found in some yogurt) his problems disappeared. Note some fruit such as bananas and apples can add to the problem.
Help for sleeping


I just read your post and wanted to share something that helped my friend be more comfortable when she slept. She had lost muscle all over her body and had bones protruding everywhere. The last couple of years she weighed only 91 pounds - and she was 5'6". Anyway, what I wanted to share was how she found relief. We ordered a foam wedge that I'd put under her legs - took the pressure off of her hips and bottom area. This also helped with keeping her heels from getting pressure sores.
Sometimes she also liked to be positioned on her side with the top leg being pulled forward and propped on a pillow. Of course this required repositioning every couple of hours but it did help her find a good deal of relief from the pain.

Take care,
I use PB8 acidophylis pills and drink gatorade; helps alot.
Thanks Jeanne. Your tips are always so on-point!
You're welcome Cindy. I hope things are better at work these days.
Well things are good right now since I have the week off, LOL. My daughter is coming from Denver. She will bring our little grandson - he is almost 5 months old and I have not seen him since January. She is coming to see the latest member of the family- little Daniel is 6 weeks today. It should be fun to have both new moms and their babies together.

Thanks for asking about work. I believe my breathing is only mildly impaired but it is enough to make me think about retiring. I don't want to wait until I am worse, but that might be the nice summer weather talking. :-D


So happy for you! I hope you enjoy every minute of your time with your daughter and grandbaby.

I look forward to one day becoming a granny. It's all I can do to keep my mouth shut when my son and his wife are around. Don't ya think four years married is time enough? LOL.

Both of my daughters are "in love" and will probably get engaged very soon so I'm really, really hoping it happens (becoming a granny) before I'm too old to really enjoy them.

For whatever it's worth, I say retire now and enjoy every minute of the rest of your life.

Enjoy the rest of your week off.

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