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Laurie H.

Sep 1, 2009
I am so new to this that I do not even know if I am asking my question in the right place. I am 46 years old. Neurological testing shows that I have hyperreflexia, sustained clonus in both ankles, as well as a slightly upward moving big left toe. I have tingling throughout my body, but mostly in my feet and hands. I also have tiny muscle twitches throughout my body and then larger muscle "quivers" throughout my body (legs, torso, buttocks, feet, etc.). My neurologist has assured me that I do not have MS but has given me no information about possible causes of my symptoms. About 9 months ago, I became extremely ill and was bedridden for about 2 weeks. At this same time, I had hives and angioedema; allergy testing revealed that they were autoimmune in origin. While I was sick, I had all of the above symptoms and also had trouble breathing and swallowing. Even though 9 months have passed since I was bedridden, I still have the symptoms described at the beginning of my post. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I appreciate any feedback that anyone can give me.
Hi Laurie,

Have you seen a neurologist? perhaps these symptoms are linked to an autoimmune disease, which you say you tested positive for, based on other symptoms. If you are concerned about these symptoms being possibly caused by ALS, you should go see a neuro who specializes in neuromuscular disease. They can do an EMG and other tests to try and pinpoint the cause.

good luck,

Have you had a spinal tap? MRI? EMG? sounds like MS or UMN symptoms, Lupus, MG? just want some more info of what is going on.
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