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Confused About EMG Results

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May 13, 2024
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I had a “normal” EMG at a neurologist in February on my right arm and right leg. I was relieved, of course, but then symptoms got worse in my left arm and leg (fasciculations like crazy with weakness feeling). Had EMG and NCS in my left arm and leg (and the guy tested a couple nerves in my right arm and leg for comparison), and got the results below. The second test in my left side was from an orthopedic doctor, not a neurologist. He said he didn’t suspect anything “neurological” but he didn’t seem all that knowledgeable. I am concerned about the “prolonged distal onset latency” and “reduced amplitude” part.

It seems like my electromyography part was normal, but the nerve conduction part had some abnormalities. I’ve read conflicting information that nerve conduction studies have little to do with ALS diagnosis, that the electromyography part is what matters, but I’m confused. Can someone help me understand this concept, or at least help me understand these findings?


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Only the NCS part is discussed here, and these findings have nothing to do with ALS, but suggest you could benefit from PT and maybe an MRI to rule out serious spine issues. The damage described here is very common, though, and can relate to how and how long you work with your hands and keyboard/game/use your phone, all under your control.

Fascics and weak feelings aren't reasons for concern re ALS, either. So all in all, seems like you're in the wrong place, a good thing. I'd ask about a PT referral.
Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated. The ortho doctor said the part that states “all examined muscles showed no evidence of electrical instability” pertains to the electromyography (muscle/needle) portion. Is this not true?
It's true. There's no need to question what a specialist has placed on your report. If you do have questions abut their findings, you are better served to contact them and ask your questions. Your EMG portion was clear for signs of ALS/MND, so you will have to continue working with your doctors to get your questions answered. It's not ALS.

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