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Oct 17, 2007
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Long story, but about 3 weeks ago I attended a funeral for a young man who passed away due to ALS. Up to that point I honestly never felt a significant twitch on my body and now after 3 weeks I have been having everysay twitching in my legs, stomach, arms, and chest. I also feel an odd tiredness in my jaw. The twitching would not of worried me, but last week I had such a strong twitch in my wrist that it caused the middle finger of my right hand to contract. I have been having pains in my legs and arms, but do not think I have any weakness. I am in decent shape and have been continuing to run, but when I try and relax the twitching does come back a bit. I am a first time poster to this, but it has my attention most of the day. Is anyone else in the same boat?
You can't catch it from anyone. 3 weeks is way too short of a time to be worrying. How old are you and have you seen any kind of doctor yet? By the way welcome to the site but I really don't think you'll need us long.

P.S. Don't worry, I meant you will be diagnosed with something other than ALS.
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Thanks Al, I am 33 and visited my local doctor about a week ago and was told that nothing could be done about the twitching or pain since X-rays came back negative. A blood test on my thyroid, liver, and kidneys all came back negative as well. I have to admit that I have been overly concerned with my health in the past and have always been very aware of any changes in my health and that is why the twitching has concerned me so much. I have read about BFS and think potentially that is the answer since my anxiety level is pretty high. I do appreciate your assistance and look forward to any other information you might be able to provide me.
So Javelin it becomes a waiting game. You wait to see if it gets worse or changes and try not to stress about it. Not easy but it has to be done. Good luck. AL.
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