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Jul 1, 2018
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Hello to all,

I am concerned about a couple things going on, and hoping you guys would be able to help me, or give me some ideas on my next step.

Everything started about a 1.5-2 years ago. I flew up to Montana for the week to spend time with family. Had a good trip until the end when I got sick. On the flight home I became really sick and my neck was almost rock solid. Went to a doctor, he checked it out, said it wasnt anything major and sent me on my way with muscle relaxers. So I went back to work for a month and then headed to school for the year.

I got to college and things kept getting worse. I noticed an onset of twitching and just overall pressure in my body. My head felt like a balloon. So I went back to a doctor. They freaked out with my symptoms and I ended up in the ER. Went there, they did scans and a blood test, and everything came back fine. Sent me on my way again. Throughout this whole next year I experience non-stop muscle twitching, right leg feels heavier than the other, right hand feels heavier and stiff, and right side of a face has a dent the size of a quarter. So I brush it off as just being active and over exerting or something of that nature. I have good days, and bad days. Some days I feel nothing at all, some days I am just overly weak and tired.

Fast forward to the last couple months. I started school at another campus closer to home a got a job at Home Depot. Same heavy feeling in right side, but I dont know if I would call it true weakness. At Home Depot I am still lifting 80-90lb bags of concrete, throwing boards and plywood around, etc. No problems there at all, however when I am walking, that heaviness just wont let go. In addition to this happening, I still twitch. The bothersome part of the right leg feeling heavy is that I have found another good size dent (probably 2"x5")long that runs horizontal across the top of my thigh. I can still flex the muscle, and still walk, and still pivot, but it feels heavy and tired.

Finally in the last month to two months I have started experiencing pain in almost every part of my body. Tongue, face, neck, "lower region", legs, arms, ears, stomach, and back. I figured again just over exertion since I am in such as high activity job, but this is not stopping. It sometimes happen even when my elbow is on the armrest of the car, or I am sitting on my wallet in the car seat. That will send little streaks of pain into my butt.

Then comes my most recent adventure with whatever is going on in my body. Maybe heart palpitations, maybe chest twitching, I am honestly at a loss. This started on my way to a concert about three weeks ago. I was sitting there, on a Friday, just got paid and was happy as can be. I felt a little thump in my chest in the left side. I brushed it off as a palp. I figured everyone gets one every now and again. Then another. I began to get a little worried but just thought of it as not drinking enough water. Then, the biggin. Another one hit and it felt like I was going down. It hit extremely hard, my entire body went warm, vision went dizzy, and I became lightheaded.

I pulled over and sat there for a good 10 minutes until the feeling went away. I hoped this was an isolated incident, however 1 week later the same thing occurred. Instead this time I was standing in line at a resturaunt. Same exact thing. This time I called my mom and had her take me to the ER because I was convinced something wasnt right if I was feeling like this and my heart was doing something it shouldnt be. Went to the ER, they did every test under the sun, and everything came back clear. 100% healthy. As of right now, I have good days and bad days. Some days I feel 100% and ready to take on the world, some days, I feel tired and weak. I am still hiking almost daily, lifting heavy things daily, just feel tired.

So a couple questions with all of this.

Is pain ever a symptom of ALS? this is electric like pain, sharp and quick. Happens everywhere without warning, or when I lean on something with certain limbs.

Has anyone experienced twitching in chest that was every mistaken for a heart palp?

Does this sound like something I should be worried about ALS wise, or anything else anyone has heard of on these forums.

I understand what most of you are going to think, ANXIETY. However I am not like that. I am happy, have a good job, dont really have any stress, and before this post, I dont search sites for hours on end and look for answers. I have been to doctors, told them what is going on, and nobody can find anything. So I am reaching out to another resource. Any help or advice you can offer is awesome.

Thank you,
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Mar 16, 2015
Past thread here:

Deer, have you gone through the post? It addresses things like buzzing, warmth, electric pain, heart palpitations, dizzy, lightheaded, pressure- all sensory issues- none of which are included in the constellation of symptoms that indicates ALS.

I also note that the only consistent thing you report is twitching- the other symptoms seem to come and go. Twitching is just so common. It can mean absolutely nothing at all, or any number of issues- serious or not serious- depending on the company it keeps.

You need to visit with a doctor if your worries about ALS have you returning to a forum dedicated to supporting those with ALS. It's obvious, for your peace of mind, you need to work on dealing with your concerns and symptoms. This forum is not the place for you- just like it wasn't last July- but your concerns are obviously affecting your life and you need some help from a doctor figuring out what's going on.
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