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Dec 12, 2006

I have questions and concerns now as I believe I may have ALS, I am having a great deal of anxiety about it and just not sure if that is making things worse. I have been
reading the posts here for some time now and do keep everyone here in my prayers and hope that one day als will be overcome.
1. Difficulty/hesitation to swallow food as I think i may choke - 8-9 months; no change.
2. All over body twitches for 5 days now (ever since reading about twitching symptoms)
none in the tongue.
3. Lead a rather sedative lifestyle, sitting behind desk at work, do not work out, but
lifted weights on the 14th concentrating only on my upper arm muscles and the 15th
showed mild pain then last night severe muscle pain when trying to move the muscles
in both arms and now am still having pains in both arms specifically on the muscles I
worked out, but should'nt the pain have subsided by now or is this normal being that
I do not usually work out. When I say pain I guess I am saying very sore muscles/ tightness especially hard for me to make my right arm straight have been keeping it bent for a day now from pain in the muscle at the top of the forearm & bottom of bicep.

Please help me understand what may be going on, I can not stop dwelling on this and it's driving me crazy, I have had no appetite for the past week now from worry.

I will keep everyone here in my prayers daily..

Hi Robert,
My first question to you is,,,have you seen a doctor yet?
Good luck to you. Welcome to the forums.

Hi Robert. Welcome but from the sounds of what you are describing now I don't think you will have to be here long. Your swallowing issues could be from a couple of things such as narrowing of the esophagus which was discussed in another post recently. Anxiety can cause twitching which may not be true fasciculations. The muscle pain you are describing sounds like the pain I would get when first working out after not going to the gym for a few months. As Paula says a doctor's visit might be a good idea to set your mind at rest. AL.
RAidanM -

You seem to be getting more symptoms the more you visit this site. Originally all you presented were swallowing issues. Paula's suggestion is right and you also might want to stop looking at too much info on the internet. I think you are right about the idea that you are driving yourself crazy with this stuff.

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