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Feb 22, 2012
Lost a loved one
This is the first time i have written here, my mom was diagnosed in september 2011, My mom is a very independent woman, and to today i can not find the courage to confront her with her diagnose, she does not know what this disease is just like i didnt either, but the more i look and find out and read about this disease, makes my stomache turn and i feel sick to my i found this article and i was wondering how you all feel about this, i am willing to try anything ! Please read the following ...

Desperate !:(

01/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "ALS - response to someone who wished their ALS case details to remain private.

The two major supplements that is required to stop further deterioration caused by advancing viruses, and this seems epidemic, is the lysine and threonine. It is taken at 1/2 teaspoon each hourly for four hours for about a month. Thereafter to prevent them, or at least suppress them is to take them, at about four times a day, most for convenience purposes. I haven't perfected a remedy needed to kill them completely, but this is to keep them at bay. It is most important that this is done, otherwise a major respiratory failure is a good possibility. There are other symptoms not stressed in present literature, such as in some cases difficulty swallowing, lack of energy to breathe, or inability to breathe fully, especially exhaling and ability to speak loudly. These major symptoms are not to be ignored, because they are signs of advancing respiratory failure. It is already epidemic here in Thailand, but as governments go, they will only pay attention if everyone knows about it, including the media. I can't afford to wait like this and just last week alone, I have seen one cases of death from respiratory failure from ALS. The condition is not rare, but they are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Even if they are diagnosed correctly, they haven't find the remedy needed to stop them.

The other supplements helpful I believe is tryptophan, such as 50 mg a day, vitamin C 1000 mg three times a day. I am also currently looking into tyrosine as ALS seems to destroy the tyrosine by nitrating them causing a severe deficiency leading to in some cases of ALS, premature white hair, as tyrosine are precursors to hair pigmentation and melanin. Hence, the body needs to utilized tyrosine and this is why vitamin C and tyrosine are taken together. The dose appears to be 500 to 1000 mg of tyrosine and vitamin C at least 1000 mg three times a day at least, preferably I prefer five times a day. I don't have that many clients needed to perfect the remedy, but this should generally buy you plenty of time. Remember that nitrating tyrosine, excitotoxins can further accelerate the ALS condition, much like Parkinson's disease. Obviously the use of Splenda, aspartame, diet coke, sugar, fructose, sweet fruits are out, and autoimmunity causing wheat products can worsen the problem. Inhibitory amino acid, such as taurine, or other ones as in glycine and GABA maybe protective. I used taurine, such as 1/2 teaspoon three or four times a day. The inhibitory amino acids are neuroprotective against further damage.

The single most telling symptoms is not really the weakness of the arms and the legs. For some reason it effects the speech (as in speaking loudly) then followed by a gradual weakening of arms, or legs, which ever they attack the motor neurons.

I don't know what these research foundations are doing spending millions and finding no single remedies in sight, but what I do know is the condition mentioned here is the most telling symptoms of the ALS, which is somewhat different from the current literature. I guess they didn't look at field cases, which tells a very different story.

It is currently widespread and for some reason, those who has ALS, has a high probability that their relatives will be also effected, rarely in the same time. It has not exactly to do with the genes per se, but there are certain weaknesses of the nervous system that allows for certain family members to be most vulnverable, especially with surgery in the spinal areas. Most virus of this nature resists common antiseptic procedures that uses alcohol and aldehyde (glutalderhyde). Most virus, however are vulnerable to peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and acetic acid, but is not generally used in the hospitals as most antiseptic procedures are aimed at killing bacteria, rather then a viruses. Hence, antiseptic procedures has been geared against bacteria ever since Louis Pasteur times, to today, but no major antiseptic procedures are geared against pathogenic viruses and fungus (as in mycobacterium and mycoplasma). Hence, the possibility of infection from surgery from certain viruses can result in those conditions. From the point of view of bioweapons using virulent strains, militarily, the motivation not to find a cure also remains a slight possibility.

I haven't as yet identify how the infection has occurred, but one single factor I can be sure of is that it came from surgery and the viruses are infected via that route to those with a history of operations in the area of the gut and the spinal area. It is the same area that adenoviruses that are infected in majority of the ALS patient, first identified by a neurosurgeon in Montreal Canada about 30 years ago.


10/14/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "This motor neuron disease first made its presence sometime in the early 2009 here in Bangkok and can appear as or diagnosed as ALS or a more general term Motor Neuron Disease is now currently a worldwide epidemic. I have delayed such posting until I am sure. One hospital in Bangkok got 400 patients in just one day, and in another about 50% of the hospital bed filled with this condition. The doctors here don't know what it is, but it is a Motor Neuron disease, in another it is called a ALS or Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

From my point of view, it is just a virus, or possibly an adenovirus. It works similarly like a polio, only that it doesn't show as inflammation but works quietly by loosing control of arm and leg movement. When you allow it to spread, it will prevent you from speaking with a loud voices. This virus can be infected in a couple of ways. One common one I have seen is from surgery. Antiseptic procedures don't kill viruses. The method of treatment I used is clove oil, methylene blue, lysine, glutamine, threonine, and tryptophan as a major remedy. If none of these supplements are available then just the aspirin may do. The dose is 500 mg hourly for 4 hours for three days, at the very least to kill roughly 90% or more of the virus. The aspirin however, requires that 500 mg is dissolved in a cup of warm water, or a half cup, if too much water. This way the aspirin won't cause stomach upset.

As for the more complete remedy, the clove oil is applied lightly to the back neck area as frequently as possible, but at least applied it 3 or 4 times to the area of back neck and arms and feet. This allows transdermal absroption and clove is antiviral. Clove oil maybe taken internally at 5 to 10 drops in a cup of water four times a day at least. As for the amino acid, the amount is roughly 1/2 teaspoon of lysine powder, 1/2 teaspoon of glutamine powder, 1/4 teaspoon of threnonine and 1/8 teaspoon of tryptophan. It's taken at the following newer schedule as follows:

8 a.m.
9 a.m.
10 a.m
2 p.m.
6 p.m.
10 p.m.

It's not the time to take it that makes the difference, it is the spacing of the supplements to take that matters. Hourly dose is taken hourly for first three doses. Then it is spaced equally apart at 4 hours interval until 10 p.m. Then we repeat this again for the next 2 days. The virus may usually be dead by at least 95% on the third day. A maintenance dose is possible, but is taken only twice a day, such as 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. So this is 12 hours apart.

As for the symptoms of a motor neuron disease or even ALS, the relative infection rates is low from person to person, but accelerates greatly during the "flu season" and during the "vaccination season". So the adenovirus may exist in vaccination as contamination, or the virus that causes this is symbiotic with the H1N1, or other flu strains. The symptoms are straight forward, once it is advanced enough, you loose control of either leg or arms, or both. The condition is restored relatively quick in early stages, such as 5 days of the above supplementation, but most of the virus will go away on the third day, on fourth and fifth are precautionary. Taking it thereafter, is usually maintenance dose of two dose 12 hours apart. The other symptoms is mouth and speech becomes slurred or not clear, mouth muscles cannot stay straight is another possible symptoms. I had one case that could not walk at all after this sort of epidemic came within just 2 weeks, some takes awhile longer up to 2 years, due to very good immune system. So younger people can have a condition longer, while older people it can agressively take over. The one precaution is surgery tends to cause motor neuron disease because sanitation procedures doesn't kill virus. Alcohol gels only kill bacteria, but not viruses. Viruses are weakened or killed in hydrogen peroxide, clove oil, vinegar, and peracetic acid. Aspirin liquifies these viruses, especially their lipid envelopes, it is this aspirin, I believed, that stopped the Spanish flu viruses. It's also what cured my measles when I got it at a young age, but the proper use is in powder form. It works best when taken together with vitamin C, which some drug stores sometimes don't carry, but aspirin nearly every drug stores does. As for the amino acid is the ones I used to get rid of motor neuron disease and ALS, as they are viral in nature, including Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer. If viral, and condition is not serious the chance of recovery is good. I have received reports of motor neuron disease, already in Australia, UK, and other countries, including Thailand. As for the numbers and percentages, it appears to be an epidemic.


01/16/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "For the last couple of weeks, I was not able to have time to answer earthclinic questions as I am currently dealing with ALS (Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - or Lou Gehrig's disease), which is typically a virus (usually enterovirus, or adenovirus) that is found in most of the people who died from ALS, which is 15 out of 17 patients. They also have higher percentages of mycoplasma, but not along the spinal column, which typically lowers the immune system.

The viruses of the spinal column works like a polio viruses (I am referring to the ALS case) which effects the motor neurons, which is how they are infected. When I first got the case of a woman at a local Thai hospital, she was already in coma, non responsive to any stimuli. Therefore to get her out of the coma, clove oil was first applied near the lower neck, which is where the cerebellum is located. It's ideal to apply thinly clove oil, at least diluted, to the spinal column as it is antiviral.

As mentioned before BHT was taken at once a day. However, ALS is scary in that the patient has no energy to speak or even breathe, - that's the hard part. It works its way up the spinal column (the virus) and eats away the cerebellum, thus killing the patient by respiratory failure or heart failure.

The one I got had both, interestingly her relatives, who also live in the same house, two of them in fact also had the ALS, which is viral and has a relatively low infection rate, but is very high if the house is very old, musty, near a sewage, high in mycoplasma and fungus which lowers the immune system allowing either the enterovirus or adenovirus to enter the system.

As for the woman I have met, it started entering her system (the virus) through either the nose, or the mouth, and somehow showed up as a cyst on the shoulder or growth, before going into the spinal column, going down to lower back, causing a weakening of the legs the moving up the spinal column, affecting the breathing, heart and the speech (she has no control of the upper lips) and you can't hear her talk, there's not enough energy.

The supplements I used to kill the viruses in addition to those mentioned as she also had a fever, was an hourly dose of 600 mg of lysine for 24 hours, plus in addition L-threonine, which are both antiviral in nature. Methylene blue drops of 0.1% concentration 2 drops was given every four hours to get her out of the coma too. I overshot myself and the woman did wake up but was unable to sleep for the next 48 hours and hence the dose was lowered to just 2 drops twice a day, before increasing further to 2 drops three times a day when the condition did not improve.

The most interesting discoveries out of all this, which could potentially help other people with motor neuron disease such as those found in Stephen Hawkins, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, polio was the powdered humic acid, which I obtained from a certain Chinese supplier that I used as a cure for aspartame poisoning that caused urinary urgency in both men and woman from consumption of Sweet n' Low, Coke zero, pepsi max, and MSG consumption which tends to make ALS deadly.

What's so interesting is that the N Acetyl Cysteine sold in Thailand typically do not label that they added the aspartame in many of the effervescent medicines, but I found out because these products cause extreme urinary acid pH typically at a pH 5.5 or below, which is metabolic acidosis caused by aspartame broken down into methanol poisoning. Typically these virus breaks down the nerves by producing some sort of aspartate or glutamate which kills the neuron cells and for some reason or another the humic acid, which is 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid in 500 cc of water actually improved the conditions dramatically overnight.

Edgar Cayce once mentioned that the long term causes of MS, but this includes viruses along spinal column and ALS, also that certain nutrients, to be lacking due to digestive problems, incomplete, as in autism and ADD and ADHD, poisons the system and the humic acid helps digesting more complete thus neutralizing the aspartame and other excitotoxins via that pathway.

In any case, the client was most helped with humic acid, lysine, clove oil, l-threonine, which quickly improves day by day. The breathing also improves, but currently still need a respiratory whose frequency of breathing was initially 6 breaths per minute, increasing to second day to 8, then 10, 12, then it jumped to 16 with the humic acid. Hence humic acid can be safely used to detoxify but also help digestion more complete and is used relatively safe. I can't say for other sources of humic acid since I never tried, I only tried this particular one because it worked so well against urinary urgency (pee every 15 minutes) for both unknown reason or even from aspartame caused urinary urgency, but it helped tremendously improved ALS, and I am currently testing on Parkinson's disease. Interestingly all these motor neuron disease typically respond well to antiviral remedies such as lysine and l threonine, and both of these are involved in immune system.

One possible supplements to do against viral spinal column of course is the L arginine, but I believe the L citrulline may work better, but I can't obtain that one and currently looking for a complete cure against viral infected spinal column. Hence most amino acid mentioned here are considered natural supplements and I believe it can be safely used during pregnancy. As for magnesium, if it is normal dosage, and proper form this may also be taken safely also.


03/09/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The most important remedy to stop advancing ALS usually due to adenovirus, is the lysine and the threonine. ALS will have a low grade fever, and once the virus is killed, beyond detection (no low grade fever), the lysine and the threonine is taken as a maintenance dose. A couple of remedies worth mentioning, that you raised:
Clove Oil - this helps get the person out of the coma when it's applied for about 30 minutes along the lower back neck area, feet, and hands. The clove has antiviral properties and is absorbed transdermally during the clove oil rubbing in those area. However, when in coma methylene blue was taken by tube to get the person out of coma, but also is taken regularly to strengthen nerve transmission. Without this the person would no doubt go back into coma again, just too many dead motor neurons, so the remaining few has to be well taken care of (the mitochondria) as the methylene blue 0.1% support their cellular respiration.

Humic Acid. This stabilizes the heart, breathing, etc. by removing excitotoxins ouf the the system, which are aspartate and glutamate, which kills off the nerves. Another two I used in conjunction is the trimethylglycine and glycine.

Lysine as mentioned is antiviral and kills of the remaining adenovirus (and perhaps enterovirus) along the spinal column, all the way to the brain stem, which controls breathing, heart beat, digestion and muscle control during bowel movement. A vital operation if it is too badly destroyed, the person looses his ability to breathe, besides just no control of the leg. If ALS is identified early the disease progression can be stopped with just lysine and the threonine. Lysine dose initially is given 24 hours for a couple of days, thereafter maintenance dose, perhaps 1000 x 4 hourly is preferred. This is the minimum dose, not an optimum dose.

L-Threonine. Threonine is proven in research studies to help prevent progression ALS and has been shown to improve condition of the patient. Threonine works by raising the body's immune system against the adenovirus, and most other virus and goes across the blood brain barrier. Through observations, lysine also does so, but has to be taken with frequent dose for it to work. Research has looked at the use of BCAA amino acid, but with a disastrous result in a Spain study, and more people with ALS died. I did expect it not to work because the BCAA is not related to immune system in fighting off the virus. Apparently the researchers were looking from a nutritional standpoint instead of using the amino acid as a way to fight off the virus. Dose is same as lysine both amount and frequency.

The most difficult part of ALS, at least for me is not the progression of ALS. That can be stopped in matter of days. For me it is very difficult to reverse them, and regenerate the destroyed motor neurons. However, a good reversal is possible at least for me such as 50% to 100% reversal, in the case of Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease. Apparently motor neuron are harder to regenerate for case of ALS then virus that does not attack motor neurons. The rebuilding of non motor neuron is done through the supplementation 4 day a week hydergine and piracetam, but this work only limited extent in case of ALS.

The only comment that is appropriate here is -- Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. With the additional caveat of "A fool and his money are soon parted."
I think that if this was the case , you would have heard about it before. There are many out there that prey on those who are in desperate situations. I would be very hesitant to start a regiment or pay money for unproven thearapies that may make her situation worse.
The disease progresses differently in individuals, so I am wishing that your Mom experiences slow progression. This and other forums are a good place to find support.
I would suggest that you find the local ALS chapter in your area. Talk to them, e-mail them, so that if and when you need help,advocacy,equipment, whatever they can help you.
Amy, I am very sorry to hear about you mother. ALS is a very hard diagnosis to come to terms with and accept, for the whole family and it takes some time. Your Mom is lucky to have a daughter who is willing to do anything to help her, she really is but I think you need to read what Trfogey said a few time until you really understand it. I also think that ltbeauti is very right and you could best help your mom with what is to come if you focus on helping her get real medical support from an ALS Clinic. There are many people on this Forum that will be more than happy to help you with those efforts and help you help your mother cope and face her disease head on and with grace. All the best to you and your Mom.
If you want to try some legitimate dietary supplements the UCSF website has some suggestions, along with loads of other resources. No magic bullets, just good solid information from some of the leading researchers and clinicians connected with ALS. I would suggest spending your energy there:

UCSF ALS Center Website
Amy, I'm so sorry to learn of your mom's diagnosis.
You'll find a wealth of information and support here on the forums. Please utilize the archives to see what other PALS and CALS have tried.
You'll find a very helpful section on the opening pages of the forums called Scam Watch.
Another good resource is ALS Untangled. A reputable group of physicians review and comment on claims made pertaining to ALS treatments.

I'm sory about your moms diagnosis. But you havk come to the right place. If you can, get your mom to sign up also. You will find a wealth of knowledge here, much of it you have already been given. As for questions, please feel free to ask, even if you think it is trivial, please ask. Although, every case is different, kwe are still waklking the same path.

Welcome to the kfamily nobody wantks tok be part of.
:idea:Amy, if this were true.....Thailand would be a very prosperous country seeing as they have a cure/treatment which means (money) for a disease that has been in history books over 300 years.
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