Communication devices?

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Feb 28, 2007
Loved one DX

I am a relative to ALS. I have decided that this is the best way to describe my family now.

Anyway, we live in another state from the ALS party and we feel a great need to be able to communicate. We would like to hear any and all advice on primary speaking devices vs computer with added speaking abilities so that we can get her in line soon.

The ones with her daily, do not have the need but us away do, and would like to make a speedy but wise decision.

Thank You
Hi bellard. Welcome to the forum. I hope we can help you out. If you click on search at the top here and type in lite writer there is a thread that has some information that you are looking for. Some other people will have other advice as well hopefully.
Speaking devices run by eyes:

Speaking devices run by eyes:

ERICA by Eyeresponse ( Smallest, portable, most affordable, good infrared controls, good battery, powerful and upgradable tablet Windows OS, yet weak on ambient light interference and eye issues, uses easy to follow "Lifemate" software for building communication and control boards, user must face unit head-on for accuracy, camera is external, ($7-9000) made in the US

Eyegaze Edge by LC Technologies ( Most accurate in all lighting and eye conditions, powerful and upgradable portable tablet or customized desktop systems (Mac base with Windows XP), uses easy to follow "Eyegaze" software for building communication and control boards (yet can also use all competitors' software programs as well if preferred - Viking, The Grid, Speaking Dynamically), user can look at screen from any angle including sideways, camera is external and can be attached to any firewire computer ($8000-10,500), made in US

Tobii by Tobii/ATI ( Biggest screen (yet heaviest unit), most cameras built-in which allows for greater head movement accommodation, uses easy to use "Viking" software for building communication and control boards, in-house manufactured tablet that cannot be upgraded, not portable unless external wheelchair connection or power inverter used, user must face unit head-on with no angles, cameras are internal ($13-15,000), made in Sweden

Eyemax by Dynavox ( Most famous company for AAC (communication), yet uses the weakest of the four cameras (known as a "Quickglance") but has the easiest interface which works with their communication software as well, accuracy good but weak on eye issues and some eye-glasses, heavy unit, in-house design so upgrades are difficult, portable design using Windows XP, user must face unit head-on with no angles, ($14-16,000), made in US

Prentke Romich ( Famous AAC company is coming out with a unit as well, using Tobii's camera. No info at this time.
Is there a voice to phone device

Looking for something fairly inexspensive and easy to use (portable) that we can use with telephone.

Basic type in and talk for you for phone use.

Bulbar ALS

Hi, hopeandlove ...

The big stumbling block is "portable." My DynaVox has type and speak capability (but I still haven't gotten it up and running yet, so can't tell how well it works). But it's not portable, unless you're in a wheelchair. It can be mounted on a chair, but if you're bulbar onset, you may not need a chair yet. The thing also weighs a lot (around 18 pounds), so carrying it with you could be tiring. (Altho mine came with a carrying case ...) It does have a telephone hook-up, but as I say, I haven't worked with it yet.

My ALSA rep provided me with a TTY telephone. This is the device used by the deaf, and both ends of the conversation type. My concern is having to call 911 and not being understood, or having the operator think I'm drunk and hanging up. This gadget is basically a telephone with a keyboard for typing. But the people you call have to also have a TTY telephone, so it would be useful only for calls to government agencies, or places like 911, where they would have it.

There are a lot of options out there ... and there are free programs you can download and use with your computer. How well they work with telephones, I don't know. And the problem with a portable device is that you need a keyboard, which immediately makes it awkward to carry. I have used my LightWriter (1 1/2 pounds and very useful) on the telephone, by putting in phrases, and then holding the phone over the speaker in the Light/Writer. It's slow and does not have a lot of capability, but it did what I needed it to do.

Hope someone else has some more suggestions! There was a long thread on this subject a few months back. Try the search function here and see if you can locate it. There were lots of good ideas.
My name is John I just my device I'm useing it now I love. Its all done by eye with nothing on my eyes. Its a eyegaze. check it out at ( ) If you buy one they will bring it to your house and show you how to use it they are very nice to deal with.
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