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May 8, 2008
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Chris LeBlanc and I am an Augmentative Communication specialist for a company called tobii ATI _based out of Boston Mass. and I cover all of New England.

I am writing this because I have evaluated many people diagnosis with ALS recently on our new system the mytobii P-10 and many have been extremely successful with it. Using the my tobii requires a couple things, having a good "focus" or "gaze" is an important first step in being successful with our system the second is cognition. Realizing that if I stare at 1 particular object on the screen I can make something happen. If that can be accomplished then you are off to a great start and for most are very successful.

The eye tracker doesn't need the user to “do” or “wear” anything. Simply sit in front of it, follow a dot during a 10-second calibration and you are on your way! With flexible mounting, easy customization and different hardware options, every situation is catered to.

Reliable tracking :)

* No undue restraint on head movements
* Tracks nearly everyone, even those with glasses or contacts
* Works in most lighting conditions
* Compensates for large head movements without errors
* Very high accuracy

MyTobii can be relied upon to keep working. MyTobii will operate precisely regardless of glasses, contacts, and eye color or light conditions. With MyTobii, those with uncontrolled head movements can use eye control for the first time. Tobii's unique ability to deal with large head movements opens up eye control to user groups who have been unable to use other systems.
Robust design

* Eye tracking components fully integrated
* Robust casings will survive real-world use

Tobii Technology's world-leading eye tracking techniques and an integrated, tough design make the MyTobii eye tracking system extremely accurate, portable and tough enough to deal with real-life. No fragile external cameras or lighting units mean your system will be able to go everywhere with you. High accuracy and powerful interaction techniques mean MyTobii will also keep up with you.

We have a full range of communication devices that may be of assistance to many with ALS. The device I will be focusing on in this thread is called the mytobii P-10.. It is an eye tracking device like no other.The mytobii is easy to setup and use and extremely accurate. Once a user is calibrated they stay calibrated! our communication software called VS Communicator is extremly flexible with many pre-made boards and gives you the ability to make any kind of boards you like as well. The software also has a built in e-mail function Juke boxes to import any mp3's of your choosing instant text messaging and a full calender feature. These are all eye gaze accessible.With the my tobii software we have also adapted Windows media player for eye control and also a complete web browser which can also be eye controlled and much more.

I invite everyone to please come and visit our websites for more info on the P-10 and other products.

We are Nation wide and you can find your local consultant on the tobiiati website or can just ask me and i will give you their contact info.

Our evaluations are FREE and we will come to you!:-D

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps and please pass this along to anyone whom you think this may help!


Chris LeBlanc
tobii ATI Regional consultant - New England
Cell: 508.207.6275
Fax: 508.758.2583
corporate office: 333 elm St. Dedham Ma. 02026
Phone: 800-793-9227
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