Coenzyme Q10

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Oct 9, 2007
Friend was DX
I once read that the use of this supplement might be helpful in slowing progression and I also know that it is expensive. I read somewhere, and I thought it was on the ALS Association site but I can't find it, that the manufacturer will sell this to ALS patients at half price. Has anyone heard of this?

I never read that, if you find it again please post a link. I used to run buy one get one free offers the first Monday and Tuesday of the month but they've stopped that.
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Yes, it is. Thank you!
Looking at the cost efficiency side of things, if you can't afford the outrageous prices for CoQ10, you might look at tocotrienols, which are a lot cheaper. There's been no study to date on tocotrienols and ALS, but there is interesting info regarding them and neuroprotection.

I buy coq10 at walmart & it's not expensive.I think I just paid like 15.00 for 30 of the 100 mg.
I use a mail order company. They often have sales, including buy 2 get 3 free.
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Does anyone know how many milligrams to take daily of the CO Q 10? I think it should be a higher than normal dose. thanks
Hi Linda,
The doc at the ALS clinic has my husband on 100 mg. of CoQ10 three times a day, as well as 400 to 800 IU of vit. E, 1000 to 2000 mg. of vit.C, a multi vit. and 5mg. of creatine a day. Just be sure to check with the doc first.
Linda (me too!)
My husband's nuero has him on 1400 mg daily. I have heard of people taking 1600 mg daily. I appreciate the post on how to find it cheaper.. the stuff is pricey!
Andrea, wife of Pals Jim.

Hi Guys

I am on a new Coq10

Good Luck Pat1
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Coq-10 DOESN'T work

UCSF told me to stop taking and save my money
It Works for me!

There are others on the site saying where they buy theirs and how much they paid fcr Q 10 I fhought it would help the other if I mentioned where I buy mine IT WAS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT! Its just a very strong and well obsorbed COQ10 . David you have to relax

Pat 1
The study just concluded proved it doesn't

Pat, you must just be lucky
Where can I find that study Tall Tom?
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