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Nov 11, 2003
Is thIs funny or what,
goIng back to the text book theory, my wonderful frIend through all the crappy thIngs that happen to you wIth als has come up wIth some pretty good gadgets. as you all know now hes stIll lIvIng on hIs own so anythIng that wIll make hIs lIfe a bIt easIer and stay Independant has come up wIth dIfferent you have to vIsIon thIs tIm cant use hIs arms or hands and In hIs bathroom he has a coat hanger hooked up to a wall mount so that when he has to change out of hIs clothes to get Into the shower he can stand besIde and hook hImself Into the hanger and brIng hIs clothes down and off. sounds reasonable rIght? well tIm also has long haIr and tatoos and plays 70's musIc all the tIme and also has thIs bIg marIjuana poster In hIs lIvIng room. so one day when all the home care nurses were dIscussIng tIms sItuatIon they were concerned about the coat hanger In the bathroom because I guess... now fIgure thIs out guys he was attatchIng a bIg reefer to It and smokIng It In there. can you belIeve thIs Its just too funny. remember no movement In arms or hands and hes able to smoke a doobIe youve got to love It.maybe hes got It all rolled up In the toIlet paper? although they have never smelled anythIng lIke that In hIs house It just has to be textbook
als about lovIng someone
... i remember the von coming in to check on my wife to find that she had been having wine with her dinner (and tube feed). they expressed deep concern over her mixing the alcohol with the amitryptylene (anti depressant) as it would incapacitate her. they went so far as to complain to the care doctor who, by law had to respond. i explained that she enjoyed that wine and had given up operating heavy equipment years before... it didn't go over real well with the nurses. apparently they don't have a sense of humour either!

same here

Tbear..same with me. rt came to visit. no more coffee, no more beer = no more rt.
People working in healthcare have the best intentions...

i had one homecare lady tell me all about a client of hers, who had "lou gehrig's"...
i asked her, "what do you think i have?"
her reply...(no $h1t) "oh, you only have als". 8-/

she now sells avon products...

sometimes you hafta try to 'think outside the box'
Well, you have to appreciate tim's creative side...great story....
t-bear, like a little bit of vino is going to hurt? da......
should get the new "avon" lady in the same room with the von reps and tim ....wouldn't they have fun..........
Welcome back tbear. how was the trip? speaking of wine. i quite often take my meds after a couple of libations and it hasn't killed me yet. my doc knows and says good for you man. do what you want but don't do anything stupid. so far so good.
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