Choking on mucous

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Good info here.

I wanted to share some supplemental ways of humidifying:

  • run a shower of hot water, letting it collect in the tub
  • boil a pot of water
  • I bought a humidifier from Lowes that is also an air purifier, for about $500 a few years ago
  • I find it helpful to have a hygrometer (measures relative humidity). I have one from Lowes (I think it was less than $20) that gives me the temp and humidity both inside and out (you have to hang a sensor outside, out of direct sun -- I gave mine a little hat which was an upside-down plastic take-out soup container with a hole poked in the middle -- this allowed me to hang it in a tree)

I like to aim for 40% relative humidity, based on what my children's allergist told me years ago. I will ask the ALS Center if I can go up to 50%.

I nursed my children for a long time, so I couldn't use cough suppressant for years. So I inhaled chamomile tea. Can I still do that now?

This thread gave me good questions to ask the pulmonologist on Monday.

Bestfriends, I found my own mucus crisis last night quite stressful, but what you guys went through was so much worse.

Fortunately (I never thought I would say that) I am allergic to dairy AND chocolate. And I've never liked spicy foods.
Mupstate, we have reserved the PALS subforum for PALS and the CALS subforum (this one) for caregivers. It enables those groups to feel they have their own space so that for more difficult and specific issues they have a place to go. Thank you for understanding. The "General" forum mixes both.

You are the only judge of the best relative humidity for you, with your own unique bundle of history and conditions. It may take some trial and error. Either way, replacing humidifier, machine, and furnace filters when they get dirty is also important. Nothing wrong with inhaling tea so long as it's not irritating -- again, an individualized thing.
I bet at least half the time CALS post here they don't even consider that it is a CALS only conversation, and the same for many topics PALS post. Thanks for your input Mupstate.

So many of these things are individualised and that is exactly what makes this forum so valuable. We can ask questions and get a whole range of responses, and one is likely to work well for us.
Oh gosh, I know the rule but forgot to look at where this was. I was just going through the "what's new" button, wandering around learning things. I think I will try to avoid visiting CALS entirely.
Yep I've done the same so many times I can't count!
Our total bill for Wayne's hospital stay is $341,801 CDN, which insurance is refusing to pay. Like we needed this stress on top of everything else. That doesn't include the medivac back to Canada, either.
I am sorry Bestfriends. I hope you are able to work something out about the bill. Do you plan to try and argue with the insurance company at all? See if the State of CA can help you work something out with the insurance company? Also are you going to try and negotiate with the hospital at all. If you have some lump sum money you can offer, they might reduce the bill. You would need to locate a finance person at the hospital who has the power to negotiate. The bill must be a shock. I am thinking of you and hope you can find peace in all this! Maybe there is an attorney that can try and see if anything can be negotiated among the parties.
When I Google negotiating medical debt I get responses back. It is a thing to negotiate medical debt. A good attorney might be able to help you do it. It might be worth a try anyway.
OMG definitely become the squeaky wheel on this.
Does this mean you are both back home now? How is Wayne?
Thank you @Mary2 . No, we're back in Canada, yet. The hospital screwed up big time, causing us to lose our insurance, our flight back to Canada, and the hospital bed thst was reserved for Wayne. It's been problem after problem with this hospital
Bestfriends, I was reading this thread (but I hadn’t commented) and I’m so sorry to hear what’s happening. Is there an advocate or someone who might be able to help you? We filed a complaint with the WA insurance commissioners here and I wonder if you could file a complaint against your insurance in CA?

Here is a link:
I believe Bestfriends has a travel insurance policy. Generally, these are not rigorously managed by either the US or Canada.

However, I would still file an appeal with the company as well as the insurance commissioner of whichever state/province/country the company HQ or corporate registration is in, and stonewall the hospital as to payment (citing your appeal) pending the appeal.

I would make sure you discuss the appeal with a senior billing department employee so you can request/they can advise you on what further documentation the hospital can provide to support your appeal. If you pitch it as the only way they will get their money, they will usually try to help and have a lot of experience. Copy the appeal letter to the applicable legislators and regulators in both jurisdictions and make sure the insurer knows you have done so.

Ultimately, yes, you can negotiate a cash payment plan if needed, but there should be a lot of activity ahead of that.
Thank you, @Marieb425 and @lgelb . They should not have discharged him in the first place. He was already showing signs of sickness, but the physician said he was good to go, hence no coverage. The hospital should be paying for this latest stay, but they are not.
Bestfriends. You are in my prayers. It is definitely worth it to hire someone to go through the bill in detail. Example. When my uncle was dying, a doctor checked on him during his last days and billed $6k. Who is this new guy? I fought it and won.
Perhaps there is even a student at law school in CA to get through the weeds on this, to Pull together invoice details, your rights, the challenge process, etc. Use the lawyer for the fight. Or there may be a non-profit to help?
I am so very sorry. Heartbreaking.
I suggest you call the ALS Association in California. There are 4 chapters in California.
Ask for guidance.
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