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Sep 27, 2006
Hi all!

Two things to share:

If you need help with Christmas for your kids you might want to contact the ALSA. Our local chapter has sponsors that will help out with gifts for PALS kids if needed.

My son is seven and is really into the "magic" of Santa this year. Kinda makes me sad to know soon he will find out there is no Santa Claus. LOL His letter to Santa included "a real sank," which threw me for a loop...oh...a SNAKE! He also requested a new ball for his dog and a real live puppy so his dog could be a mama! And he wants a little brother "but I know Santa won't bring me one." :cry: Last night he was looking out the window and saw the lights of a jet in the sky. He exclaimed, "Look Mom, it's Santa. He must be checking twice to see who's being bad!" :shock:

Anyone else have Santa letters or something similar to share?

That's funny, just last night we wrote letters to santa.

My daughter who is 4 put on her list.
A cat, A poodle, and new sisters. I hope the cat and dog are stuffed ones, and she doesn't even have sisters. She had make pretend friends that I don't know how became her pretend sisters. So if she wants
new sisters, I hope they are the pretend ones as well.
My son is 7 also, he wrote the letter by himself and wouldn't show us what it said and mailed it this morning. I hope I am right about what he wanted since I didn't see the letter.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could look at things through the eyes of a child.
I love these posts! My own kids are all grown and the grandchildren too small to really appreciate Santa. I will have to live vicariously through your stories!
hey i love all the little stories about children they are so innocent and it is wonderfull to see the world through thier eyes....this story is not about xmas but everytime i think about it i laugh to myself.My grandson was going to a car show with my husband and i one time when he was about 4...we stopped for gas and he said to me "Gramma i have to go pee" i said o.k honey just wait till i get my purse....well his eyes got so big and he said"Gramma i cant pee in your purse"!He is four years older now and when i tell him the story he just blushes and grins and laughs a bit at himself......i wish sometimes that i had written down some of the funny things that my own children had said when they were small but im sure that we all have at least one story for each of our children that we remember because it was so darn cute and innocent.....Gina...not about xmas but about preciousness
the gift of song

My kids enjoy a traditon that I did as a child: We call the shut in's we know from our church, or people we know that aren't well ( including our PALS-CALS friends) and grandparents / relatives that live far away. We anonymously sing Christmas Carols over the phone. The big bonus is there is no expectation of any $gift or extended visit time. The kids love to hear the happy reactions that we get from those who are entertained. Our kids feel the warmth of sharing a gift from the heart.
Christmas Tree

Thankgoodness for kids! Our whole family went Christmas Tree shopping to the same place that we have gone for the last 6 years. My sons 4 and 6 were so excited to pick out the tree. We kept having the guy drag the tree over to the car to show my husband who was inside. I was determined to get the tree home. The tree was absolutely huge...but I was determined to keep normalcy. The Gentleman running the tree stand....remembered us from years past. He remembered that my husband was having difficulty with his speech the year before. I told him that I would come back the next day when I had help. He decided that he would throw the tree in his pickup and drive it to our house for us. It was so amazingly kind. My eldest son asked if the man was helping us because Daddy can't lift things up. I told him that it is the magic of Christmas....and people are helpful and caring. Man....I wanted to cry...but held it together. Needless to say...I got that tree it was heavy. It is amazing the strength you can find when needed. Happy Holidays to all. Hope we all find a little magic this holiday season
I bet the tree looks lovely! Enjoy the magic with your little ones. :-D Cindy
My 5 year old granddaughter said Nana you better be good or you will get underwear and socks like daddy gets every year :mrgreen:
Kelly -

That is the sweetest story. It's amazing to see who rises to the occasion - not always who you would expect. :)

Hi all i guess im like most grandmothers and think that my granchildren are just the cutest!My newly turned 2 yr.old grandaughter saw SANTA in the mall the other day......All the kids were lined up asking for toys they wanted when it was her turn Santa asked "And what would you like little Girl" she replied "a COFFEE!"she loves coffee and we have to be carefull where we set our cups down cause she will drink the whole cup!Too many trips to Tim Hortons i guess !anybody know of a milk flavoured coffee with no cafeine?.......Gina
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