Chelation for ALS

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Jul 22, 2008
My husband is considering going out of state to a Dr in North Carolina for 6 weeks of Chelation Therapy. Has anyone had this or know anything about it? I am very nervous and don't think this is a good idea. Thanks for your help

You have good instincts. Many have tried it, nobody reports back with lasting benefits. Same is true for stem cell therapy, silver filling removal, and the like. The only benefit is hope, but it is temporary, and the ultimate crash of defeat will more than outweigh the initial hope.

You can search this thread for "chelation" as this has been discussed before.

I notice you're also from Anaheim. I'd ask you to PM me, but since you don't yet have posts, you can email me at tmasters2 at yahoo dot com.

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Your instincts are correct - not a good idea

This will do nothing for ALS. Your husband is quite likely the target of a quack. Save your valuable time and money for things you are really going to need in the future. I understand how desperate you and he must be - but don't fall for quackery.

Thank you so much for answering. I don't know how I can tell him "no" to his one chance at HOPE for a "cure" but I know in my heart this is not right. This "Dr" has given him names and phone numbers of people who swear they have/had ALS and since Chelation are "so much better" and they both said "they would sell their house to be able to continue it" (strange that two different people said the exact same thing). It's a red flag to me but he and his brother don't seem to agree.
Again, thanks for the response.
No way it doesnt work. Its just another way for the CREEPS out there make money on desperate people>

Save your Money!

Well look at it this way, the doctor that runs that center and claims to be able to help with MND has one published paper. That paper pertains to the effects of a low carb diet. Don't you think if this actually worked he would be scrambling to get it published. Published and accepted results would mean huge amounts of funding and recognition and yet nothing.

Also the treatment being used as far as anyone can tell is a Myer's cocktail which is a bunch of nutritional supplements with some chelation agents such as DMSA or EDTA. He then "tweaks" the content for each patient. How does he know what to "tweak"? How does he "tweak" it? Where are the results?

Beware the snake oil.
Please post back and let us know


It seems you will not be able to dissuade your husband. I understand how difficult this must be for you.

I have one request. PLEASE, post back here in a couple months and let us know how it went, and how your husband is doing. Please do this, regardless of the outcome.

Many people post that they're going to try chelation or stem cells or ayurveda, or you name it, and then we never hear back. The natural assumption is that it didn't go well, and of course it's hard to post back with negative results. But you have to understand that even a negative result can be a benefit to the next PALS who is considering a similar treatment.

If I could offer you postings from 3 or 4 PALS who had tried chelation and had no benefit, you could use this information to help your husband make a decision.

All that said, I pray your husband will have good health, and he will find the hope he is seeking.

Keep the faith,
Thanks for your response. Yes, you are right, I am not going to be able to get him to see it "my way". If only I could find a few people who tried this chelation with Dr Hickey and it didn't work. He claims his chelation is different than any other chelation out there. And he doesn't make any promises. I spoke to a man yestarday who was diagnosed with ALS and has had Dr Hickey's chelation and swears he came home better. His only problem is he lives in Ohio and Hickey is in NC, so in order to continue, he has to have someone in his area do Dr Hickey's chelation or go back to NC.
Thanks for all you help,
I've never been to Ohio, but if there are chelation centers there, then Dr. Hickey can write out his protocol for the local chelation center to continue with.

I've done about twenty chelations over the last two years. I can't say it helped I'm sorry to say. But here's the way I look at it.
There are no markers for ALS. ALS is diagnosed by elimination (ie. "No, you don't have MS, polio, Parkinson's etc.). The cause of ALS is unknown. Ergo, and hopefully, your husband just may be suffering from Lyme, heavy metals, toxins, etc.
Why not try the chelation. Has your husband been tested for heavy metals? I don't mean a hair test...but a blood test challenged with a chelator? Has he been tested for Lyme...not by Quest or Lab Corp...but by Igenex?

My guess is that the special protocol for chelation that Dr. Hickey might follow is to use calcium EDTA for the first few sessions, retest for metals, then continue with some DMPS chelation. There are reasons for this method.

During chelation your husband will also likely get injections of glutathione, lucovourine, and vitamin B. These might have a favorable effect on him.

His choice to to do something...or to go home and do nothing.

Some on this forum may find what I say is credulous, but I am a skeptic. Be careful of cynics advising you.
Nope, you're entitled to an opinion but by your own admission it doesn't work which is my position on the whole toxic metal, chelation thing.

response to dr. hickey tmt

Please do not discourage the patients that are seeking Dr. Hickey's help. I was his first patient with ALS symptoms and within 1 week others followed. He doesn't make claims to cure people of this or that. He simply tests people for heavy metal toxins and proceeds to remove them and replace them with a formula for the body to heal. He has been recognized by Dr. Priori, Cleveland Clinic and Duke University for his results in the last year. There are a lot of quacks etc. out there. I went to him because I personally know of a man that cured of MS (was in wheel chair and blind in one eye) and it was under his care. He never makes the claim he can cure you. Each one of us has different immune systems but if there are similiarities of heavy metal poisoning in our system, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Many of us under tmt of Dr. Hickey put our personal lives out there in testimony when you call us as referral. WE do it for one reason. This is helping us tremendously so far with our symptoms and noone else has it so we feel we should share our blessing when asked to do so. I would be skeptical too if I didn't personally know many people that are leading very normal lives thanks to him.
one who has been there to Dr. Hickey

dear Rhonda,
I'm not sure how to blog this type of forum. I can personally tell you that i know myself and others have been helped tremendously by Dr. Hickey. He makes no claims to cure people...just identifies heavy metal toxins and removes it and replaces it with something our immune system can use. He hosted Dr.Priori from the Cleveland Clinic recently and we (patients with ALS)all met and he said he couldn't believe we were ALS patients and he sees 300 or more a month. So we all have different responses in our immune systems but he has helped many MS, Parkinson, ALS
patients etc with this tmt. Pls have faith.

My husband is considering going out of state to a Dr in North Carolina for 6 weeks of Chelation Therapy. Has anyone had this or know anything about it? I am very nervous and don't think this is a good idea. Thanks for your help
Show us something in print from a recognised medical journal and I might believe it. You could join here and say you were abducted by aliens. Making medical claims with no proof is the same thing. How do we know if you aren't being paid by Dr. Hickey? Oh sure, because you SAY you aren't. How do we even know if you ever had or have ALS? Oh , I can phone you and you'll tell me? Yea sure.

Dr Priori said he couldn't believe you were ALS patients. You couldn't fool him and you can't fool me either.

I was just over on ALSTDI and they didn't seem to swallow the $ 6000 + treatments either. Glad I'm not the only skeptic around here

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