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Apr 26, 2008
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Hello again all.

As with many on these forums, I am in a quandary about what to do, obviously I'd like to brush it off, but human nature won't let me, so here's the issue:

47 year old male, fairly active.
I've been noticing a twitch and spasm in the left corner of my mouth/cheek area. If I smile, or if I frown my lips and compress them, the muscle in the corner will twitch 2-3 times. I can make it do this about 75% of the time. This is the most significant and definite "symptom" I have at this point. At otehr times the cjheek or jaw may feel numb, or tired, like a throb.

Less significant are perhaps a "tired" tongue occasionally when I eat, but I still have good control of it. Other times, my jaw will seem tired. Again, this could be a perceived weakness. I can't say it has progressed significantly over the apst month or so.

I seem to have no slurring, or difficulty swallowing.

I sometimes feel like I have a tight throat or globus, but again, this could be anxiety, I guess. I read some bad things about aspartame, so have stopped using it, I used to do about 1-2 20 oz bottles a day.

I have been diagnosed with BFS, and get frequent twitches and fascics mostly in my leg. My left eyelid also twitches. Other than that, I see no obvious twitches in the cheeks, except if I exercise that muscle. The right side does not do it.

Any suggestions on thoughts? Is it worth having checked? All comments welcome.

Thanks again
thoughts and prayers to all.
Also to add, sometimes I notice the twitch when I am chewing.
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If you have been diagnosed with BFS then you have probably been seen by a neurologist right? Did they give you an EMG or did they just say you have BFS? Did they check your thyroid or cervical spine etc? In order for people to comment we need to know more about what you have had done.
Hi Sammantha, thanks for the reply.

At the time, he looked at me for BFS in my legs which is where I had the main and most obvious ones. Some looked like fascics, others in my thight were morelike twitches. He did a fairly quick emg and said things looked fine. At the time, I did not realize that bulbar could also be a concern, so I mentioned nothing about the quivers in my jaw.

I also notice now a twitch between thumb and forefinger which I have since learned can be a bad sign...or could that also be related to the bfs?

I did have a more thorough EMG done by a emg specialist, not a neuro, but he said he does the test for ALS. He was checking for carpal tunnel in my hands with NCV and EMG, which he said I have, but it is more than carpal, because my pinky goes numb too, so it is probably further up my arm. Can CTS contribute to fascics? The EMG guy tested my thumb muscle but said he found nothing of concern.

Thanks again Sammantha, and best regards to you.
Your more thorough EMG sounds like you may have a ulnar entrapment or perhaps a brachioplexus. Any entrapment in these areas can cause numbness in your hands. Numbness is not a sign of ALS, but entrapments need to be taken care of. I can tell you that EVERYWHERE i had muscle CRAMPS, i then had muscle TWITCHING, followed by a change of appearance i call it a divet. Like someone chopped out a chunk of my body. I still have not been diagnosed with ALS. I am going for my FOURTH emg tomorrow. You have not mentioned muscle wasting. You may have MS or a nerve entrapment in your limbs or spine. These may not be as serious as ALS but they can cause a lot of damage and need to be taken care of... Best of luck
Hi Sammantha,
thanks again, and best wishes for your round of tests. It goes without saying we hope for the best for you, but I know it is nerve wracking.

Are my facial quivers a concern? I can't say I notice decreased function or wasting, other than a perceived fatigue in tongue and cheek. I'm not sure how this can even be tested. Fro mwaht I've read, EMG's are not black and white.

Best regards

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