Ceftriaxone may help with ALS

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You are so welcome! I have researched this monster disease for three years-- I AM determined to help my brother and others like him. What I know, I will pass on. A lot more to come. My Husband tells me,to him that helping my brother isn't enough for me. I have to be an advocate for this disease.


Lorie ;)
Thank you AnnMarie

I am a great Sister and I have a Great Brother, I am the middle child and have four Brothers.

I have looked at project ALS after I seen the Jenifer Estes movie. I am trying to spread myself a little everywhere. I especially like: http://www.rideforlife.com/
They have helped me in so many ways when I wasn't familiar with this. I am buying items from their website to support ALS research and other programs they have for ALS. They gave me for Timothy a $750.00 Plan for Life Grant. I love those people. (drawing is random every three months). But Im everywhere, everywhere, everywhere!

Still Going, gotta move on!:roll:
Not open for further replies.