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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi guys,

Just wanted you all to know that I met with Jim Parker and his lovely wife Linda last Friday. It was easy to find his place, and boy were they shocked to see me. I walked up the sidwalk to the back deck and asked his wife if this was the Parker residence, when she said yes, (after looking at me and wondering who the hell this blond was wearing a red stringed bikini) I said Carol Deboer. She just freaked. A happy freak out. When I walked around the corner there was Fisher, sitting on the deck (go figure) in his wheelchair soaking up the rays. The smile that lit his face was so emotional for me. I wish I could have had a video of that moment. We had a great visit. He is going for a feeding tube in a couple of weeks in London, and he still loves the great outdoors. His three grandchildren were playing all around him and he looked good. He has had some weight loss Linda says, but he looked good to me. He was all smiles and of course I could understand him when he tried to talk to me. They have modified their nice house for Jim and it is beautiful, no darn wonder he loves it down there. I do too. Anyway, we had a wonderful time and I plan on going there again in the next couple of weeks to visit again. I told him I would bring photos of Henry and our family to share our lives with him and to let him know something about us. Anyway, it was a pleasure to see him and I told him that everyone here has asked about him off and on. He is not on the computer much, he only has one finger that still moves, he has movement in his legs as well, and can bear his own weight for a bit. Linda is doing a wonderful job, you can see the love in their eyes when they look at each other, and I was honored to sit with them for an hour. I told him, I would be back, and I will. It was a good day.

Just thought everyone would like to know how he is doing. Have a great day and a great long weekend.

Love, Carol
That is wonderful Carol. Sounds as if they were all very very happy to see you. It is nice to meet those we have spent so much time talking to here. Gives an entirely different perspective on who we are and why we were all drawn here.
It sounds as if Fisher is really hanging in there. Linda sounds big hearted and caring.
Have a good weekend.
Hello Carol, thank you so much for the update on Fisher. It is nice to know how is doing.
I wish him well with his tube. Sis has had hers for 5 months now, in just the past 2 weeks she has stopped taking anything by mouth. Sure is hard to sit down and eat when she cannot.
The tube has worked well for her, all meds, go through it as well as supplemental nutrition.
Take care,
have a great Civic Holiday weekend all. Love Jane
Great news Carol. Glad to hear he is still doing OK or as Ok as we can get under the circumstances. Thanks for taking the time to update us all.
Carol - that's so neat. Thanks for the update regarding Fisher and I'm so glad he was able to chit chat with you and to know we've asked about him. We miss people when they don't come around too much.

Jane - I don't think we've heard from you in awhile, how are you doing?

... hope you took pictures and that there is at least one with the phantom red bikini in it.

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