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Jan 14, 2007
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Caregiving has been a task full of love, tears, stress, sleepless nights and continual surprises about the strength of my husband’s spirit. I am so proud of him. Now that he is at peace I wish all caregivers a journey in which you also find richness, love and a sense of achievement along the way.
Thank you Landscape, for words of wisdom. Special hugs to you tonight, as you grieve theloss fo your DH. Cindy
Landscape, I'm also giving you a big hug. I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you. Norma

I just found this forum and am excited to make friends like you, who share this in common.:) CF
Landscape again i am so sorry for the loss of your husband he was so lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderfull partner and caretaker.......C.F. welcome to the forum. You will find so many caring and special people here!......Gina....p.s....wish were all like my grandaughter favorite characters{Teletubbies} and could give BIG HUGS....all around!~!and then as they say"AGAIN AGAIN"
to Gina and Landscape

Thank you Gina, for responding to me.
I felt bad after my first post, because it seemed inappropriate in retrospect.
I'm sorry Landscape. I hope you find comfort in knowing you did all you could, and that he is at peace.
That is what brings me here. I want to do all I can for my dear friend. He has lost use of hands, arms, legs, and losing his voice now. It's so horrible. I want to help him have the best life possible.
I am grateful to know there are folks like you out there to talk to and get info from.
Peace, CF
Hey, CF. Don't sweat the small stuff. It takes awhile to learn your way around this forum. We have so many caring members and there is so much information! Landscape, in fact, has been on of our most steady and supportive members. I am sure she understands.
Please don't feel badly, CF., your post was perfectly appropriate. As you say, we share the disease and the caregiving in common and we especially understand the distress of those who are just joining the forum. Thank you for your words of comfort. I'm certain you will be a great support in helping your friend live the best life possible.
CF.dont worry i did the same thing when i first joined didnt know my way around the forum so i just jumped in!We are all in the same boat so dosnt really matter that much as long as we find each other that is the main thing!I applaud you for stepping up to the plate and yes!This is such a cruel heartless disease you will find that thier are more and more people on here that have close friends that are going through the same thing as you!My friend swmn has posted many threads that may be of interest to you!She also has a dear friend whom she cares so much about who is going through the same thing!You may want to look for her posts and contact her she will help you so much i am sure.Anyway we welcome you and please do not feel guilty you are to be admired for caring so much and i look forward to hearing from you again......Gina
Im sitting here wondering what next

It started one day in oct/07 my spouse was having trouble with his jaw and chewing and swallowing was a chore for him,we didnt think too much of it at the time until we noticed it wasnt getting better and he was loosing weight fast so we went to Dr they thought ooh so many things we underwent so many tests,until the dreaded day we get the call to come in to see the neurologist and he wants to run an EMG,well I knew of the test becuase I was constanly reading up on my spouses symtoms.I knew what was going my spouse didnt at the time and he is still not accepting it,he tells ppl he thinks its just a virus and he hopes to get better soon:cry: so as his caregiver and watching him change everyday is hard on me I listen to him talk the future with our grandchildren,and our dreams and I just listen with not alot to say.I dont know what to expect I mean I know whats going to happen to him he has already lost movment in the right foot and its moving to his left now,But I guess what I am wondering is how long does it take before he is unable to walk:confused:
Hi Cherie- welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear about your Dad. This site has a great bunch of folks - many who are in your shoes, so I am glad you found us. It is hard to say just how quickly your Dad's condition will progress. There seems to be no hard and fast rule for these things. You might get some idea if you do a search from the tab at the top of this screen. ALmost every topic has been discussed here so feel free to jump right in! Cindy
Hi Cindy thank you for your response although it is not my dad it is my spouse,we just found out dec19th and to say the least it put a damper on our holidays,we tryed to make the best of it for our kids and grandkids,my spouse is only 40 years old too darn young for this I mean wow I dont know what to think..
Not sure how to post blogs here?

Hi everyone I am very new to this whole thing everything including this site and for now what I am looking for is a place to blog and maybe meet other ppl that are new to this as well and even ppl who are farther down the road than me and my spouse,I am very aggervated I cant sleep at night my spouse when he twitches sometimes its really hard twitches and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing whats happening to him:cry:..We are living in a two story house and we are going to have to downsize very soon I think becuase he is already having a hard time getting up the stairs''sighs'' I cant seem to rest it feels like my mind wont stop going like a whirlwind of questions.. So anyways is this the right place to blog or?
ps.I really look forward to hearing from you...

I found this forum only a few days ago myself. My wife has Bulbar ALS and I noticed you replied to my Thread, Thanks! I've been reading a lot of the comments and it's reassuring to know that we can vent here, make comments and ask for support. Wonderful place to learn also. My wife was 49 when she was diagnosed, almost 2 years ago and I like you feel sick and terrible as I see her decline. OH if I could just snap my fingers and make her better. People keep telling me that I'll be strong....HUMMMM, when will that happen? Cus I'm sure not now.
what will happen next?

Hi mark yes thats alot of I feel right now is just sick and messed up feelings! GRR my spouse is only 40 and we just found out Dec 19th of this year so it really put a damper on christmas we tryed to make the best of it for the kids sake but I honestly wanted christmas to pass us by...Things in our world just arent the same,and i know never will be! I feel the same I wished I could make it all go away and he would be better but it isnt so..
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