Caregiving tips and mobility questions

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May 29, 2014
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We modified our bathroom to allow us the ability to roll in and out of it when showering. The first shower chair that insurance provided was a joke. It might have worked with someone that weighed less than 100 pounds... but certainly didn't work for us. Our next shower chair was awesome.

I would get Darcey into the shower chair using the hoyer/sling. I'd then wheel her into the bathroom before removing clothing (which I could easily do while she was in the chair). This chair would also tilt backwards. So I'd tilt her back until she felt comfortable. I'd then get the water temps to her liking BEFORE rolling her into the stream of water. She loved taking showers!

You also asked about a CoughAssist. If we went anywhere, we had her Power Wheelchair (PWC), her BiPAP (a Trilogy 100) and the CoughAssist. This was considered "must have" for wherever she was. Our first CoughAssist was big and clunky and only worked off of AC. But it worked great. When enough time had passed for it to be replaced, we got a 2nd CoughAssist. The newer model had a battery in it (the exact same battery that her Trilogy BiPAP used). It was also pretty much automatic as far as settings.

That 2nd CoughAssist was always at the ready. Because it would run off of its own internal battery, it was quick to put into action when needed. And because it only needed to be turned on (with all other settings being auto sensing), it was easy to train someone who might come it to visit and would encourage me to get away while they were there. I can't imagine how we would have managed without a CoughAssist.

We also had a suction machine from pretty early on. We did not use it until the last year of her life. For the most part, we found that she could keep phlegm and saliva at bay with the addition of pineapple juice and a morning dose of Alka Seltzer. On occasion, she'd also take a mucus pill (generic Mucinex). And she avoided anything "dairy".

I hope you are able to find something within this post that is a help.

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