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Jan 5, 2008
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I was just wondering from others and what they have read if there is an autoimmune type of ALS or if it can be triggered by another disease. Thus far I am a medical mystery. I have had a postive anti nuclear antobody that comes and goes. It sounds odd but when all of this started my hands had puffed up huge. I then got sensory, numbness,burning etc. I have atrophy that is quite pronounced in hands and forearms, tongue,face,shoulders and feet and calves. Lately my hips are sore and I can tell my gait is off. I have hyper reflexes over whole body and clonus that some doctors find and then other times they don't find it. My skin is so hypersensitive it hurts to touch over whole body. I am starting to have a leaky bladder and bowel problems. I have had all of the run of the mill tests that have revealed nothing. Ncs, mri,bloodwork,spinal tap, evoked potential. When I first became ill and they tested my when I had the swollen hands my serum iron was high that was the only thing, and then the positive ana which is now negative. I have looked searched, everywhere and nothing seems to fit my symptoms. Has anyone heard of an autoimmune type of als? There is ms and rheumatoid arthritis in my family, but these have been ruled out. I am awaitng emg, but no one seems to be able to figure out what I have. I have been told I may just be one of those people who never gets a diagnosis. Oh yes and these spots in the eyes, floaters ,do these happen in als?
Hi I dont know how old you are but floaters are not uncommon in people over fourty. Your other symptoms arent really sounding like als More like lupus MS or some autoimmune problem But I am not a doctor You need more testing. Good luck Pat
Thanks Pat, I'm 29. My doctor thinks it is some type of mnd, it's definately neurological. MS should have showed in the spinal tap and ms would not cause wasting of the muscles does it. Do you know can Lupus cause muscle wasting. I'm one of these cases that is baffling. It started with the tingling,burning, now in those parts is where I have the wasting. Do people with ALS get darkening of the moons in the nails? I also have memory, cognitive problems. I have seemed to stump every medical professional.
Had anyone had this happen when I yawn for some reason it causes the muscles in my upper arm to go into spasm, it's all just wierd.
When my husband yawns it causes his jaw to go into a spasm. He hasn't mentioned it causing his upper arm to spasm. I'll have to ask him if he has noticed the connection. I'll let you know what he says.

Pam B in Va
I have been told I may just be one of those people who never gets a diagnosis.

Hey! Welcome to my little club. I have been told the same thing, although my local neuro still thinks I have ALS, but the world-renowned clinic says it is just some obscure neuro-muscular disease, so I am choosing to believe them. I like their DX better, lol. :-D Cindy
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