Can Ensure produce constipation

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Jul 14, 2006
I have just started using my PEG tube with ensure in the last few weeks. The question I have is being that I am mostly a liquid diet, can that be the cause of constipation problems I am experiencing? I do eat a few food items but not much. I consume 4 cans of ensure plus each day. Any info you can give me will be much appreciated. Rick
Check the fiber content. My husband uses Jevity and they make a point of having a fiber formula. Also Nutren by Nestle has added fiber.
Also, our dietician seriously underestimated the amount of additional water he needed. Now Shannon ends up with about 70 oz of water total/day ...I think that was our total, but point is, be sure you are getting enough additional water. When you got the tube did your doc have the hospital dietician work you up a diet? Should have--maybe you can ask for this.

Thanks for your reply. No my doctor did not give any diet info to address this problem when the tube was installed. I do take about 45 oz of additional water per day. I have heard if you are not getting enough water your urine will be dark. Mine is never dark. It is almost clear. So does that mean I am getting enough water? After I feed myself with ensure plus about 20oz of water, i find myself having to go to the bathroom about two times within an hour or so. Is that common? I know part of the bowel movement problem is the loss of my abdominal muscle strength. It is very weak. Also I cannot hold my breath in to give that extra push. So you see, I need an fairly easy flow bowel movement to make it happen. I started taking a fiber suppliment today that I hope will help. No, my ensure has no fiber content.

I took Ensure Plus for a long while and then had to change over to Nutren because of constipation. You can get Ensure Fibre but it is 100 calories less than Ensure plus.
You are right about the weak muscles contributing to the bowel problem. I still need some laxitive inspite of the fibre in the Nutren
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