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Jan 10, 2008
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hi iam 26 years old and iam having muscle twitches all over body been having it for a few weeks now. They only twitch like 1, 2 times at a time . My arms get tired easily like when drying hair, carring my 25 pound daughter for a period of time but if i rest my arm for a few minutes it gets better. about a month ago i was really stressed out and i woke up one day and my right arm felt wierd the only way i can describe it is like when your in a dead sleep and someone wakes you up and your body is like huh. i didnt really consider weakness because i could still do everything i needed to. but it lasted about two weeks sometimes it would just have weird sensations in it. now its was like i could still do everything i needed to but i just wanted to lay it on my side it felt kinda heavy. just wondering if anyone can give me some advice sometimes when iam walking i feel like iam leaning to the right like my head feels wierd but it seems to be like that when iam tired or i didnt sleep well. sorry this is so long. i would appreciate any feed back. thanks melissa.
i forgot to mention my left calf has been swoolen for about six months but does not hurt.
Calf swollen

With your left calf swollen,do you have pain or tenderness. Are there any areas on your skin that seems to feel warm ot reddened? This maybe totally unrelated. When someone presents me as an RN with calf pain I think of a blood clot. I don't want to alarm, but by reading that's what I think of. With the weakness,have you seen a MD yet?
If some of your symptoms are related to a blood clot, as APC thinks, then I would recommend seeing a doctor right away. Take care.
no it was confirmed when it first was swollen it wasnt a blood clot
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