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May 30, 2007
My mom is a PALS and officially diagnosed in June. Her speech is very slurry and is using a walker exclusively. Many of her small motor skills are impaired as well.
My tiny victory was her allowing me to begin cleaning her house once a week and maybe put some dinners in the freezer.
She's been married to her high school sweetheart for 1 year and I know she feels guilty that they are newlyweds and she "comes down with" ALS. His previous wife died from a long battle with cancer 2 years ago. I know she feels she's burdening him. Anyway, he is working full time and caring for the house/yard. I know it was hard for her, but knowing he won't have to clean the house will hopefully ease her mind a bit as far as their relationship goes. She doesn't need my help with anything involving the physical symptoms of ALS yet, but at least I can do this little thing for her. If her DH will let me, I'd like to get my DS to mow their grass. They just have a tiny patch of grass that probably won't take an hour from start to finish.
You are wonderful I would love sonmeone to clean and cook for me that is the most tiring for both me and my husband. Yiu are truly a angel Go Bless YouPat
Hi CCOX- In my family that would be a huge victory.:-D LOL some of us are such control freaks that it would be a major breakthrough to accept help! Good work. Cindy
I thought DH was dear heart and DS was dear spouse. My spouse and I on occasion call each other by different terms, also meant for endearment but said in the heat of anger it might not sound like it. LOL. Cindy

PS: just kidding. Yesterday the kid behind the starbucks counter told us we were being "adorable."
I believe these are terms picked up from another website -

DH - dear husband
DS - dear son
DD - dear daughter

For anyone who doesn't know about, she runs a great website for getting your house, finances, and life organized. While I'm not quite "FLYing" yet, my life has much improved since taking her advice and outlook on life to heart.

Oh Sorry about the acronyms. Kelly correctly ID'd them. I guess I've learned them along the way.
I've always understood the "D" to mean Dear. Any letter after that is mostly the "who" part of the acronym.
you get the idea...

Cindy, we are control freaks in my family. I couldn't tolerate anyone cleaning my house if I were unable to do so. It would make me feel horrible. I'm going to try to do it when she's out of the house for some reason so she won't have to watch me. Luckily for her, she can still do things like laundry. That way she's not completely unable to do anything to help around the house.
It's a special gene, I swear. We have identical twins in our family-to the point where their mom mixes them up sometimes. But even as toddlers one would enjoy taking all the toys out of the box and the other would run around and pick them all up and put them back. Their Mom claimed it was proof that wanting things done a certain way is not a learned habit. :-D

Hope your "stealth" cleaning goes well. :-D Cindy
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