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Mar 1, 2008
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I am posting the message below from PALS Jeff Lester. Jeff nominated his wife Lisa who is his caregiver for the CVS Caregiver award. Lisa has made it as a finalist and will appear on Good Morning America Monday morning in the last half hour of the segment along with the other finalists. It will be great recognition not only for Lisa, but it will also raise awareness about ALS to a national audience with an emphasis on how important CALS are in enabling PALS to live a quality life.

Please read Jeff's message below and go to the website to read the story her wrote about Lisa. Then please vote for her to win the contest by clicking on the heart/Mark as favorite icon at the top of the story. Thanks!

Here is Jeff's message:

Okay everyone here's our chance to prove the ALS community's
strength! My essay about Lisa along with the nine other finalists
have been posted online and you can vote for your favorite! Lisa
Lester is my wife and go to the following to vote and be sure to pass
this along to everyone you know! The website is:

Your friend in the fight,
Jeff Lester (ragingbear); 41, married w/ 3 daughters (all born AFTER
diagnosed 10/93 and on vent since 12/97

You too can have a fulfilling life by learning to LIVE with ALS!
Ragingbear, welcome. I believe I've seen your postings on Yahoo Groups have I not?
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Thanks for posting this. It is a great story and great publicity.

I cast my vote and I hope everyone else does as well.
I casted my vote.
It is truly an inspiring story.
I will be watching Good Morning America tommorow morning....
Hey Jeff. I voted for Lisa too! Great article. You inspire everyone who thinks that a DX of ALS is the end of the road!
Thanks for letting us know. We'll be looking forward to it. God bless!

Keep voting

Alright for ALs awareness....looks like 373 votes so far! Way to go!
True Partner

Thank you for sharing the story of your beautiful family. I casted my vote and will be sure to watch on Monday! its 534 :)
now 567, hope you win:-D
Some woman with 9 votes won :evil:

If they aren't going to pay attention to the votes then why bother putting up the page?
i am so gutted for you jeff/family:cry:
Didn't your President win an election the same way? Maybe the same guys ran the voting there.
That was the first thing that went through my head. Hmm, must have the board of elections doing the counting. I know it was all those electrons still hanging on the votes, so they couldn't count them correctly.
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