Call me grandpa Al

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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
Son Chris called from the Philippines at 1:30 and we are new first time Grandparents. Samantha Lee was born to Chris and Wheng at 12:30 PM Sat Apr 9 at home in Angeles City. Lee and I are quite happy and the only downer is I'm not well enough for the 24 hour flight to go over so we'll have to wait until August to see her when they are supposed to visit.
hey...don't forget Grandma can't take all the credit.
I am sure you are anxious to welcome her and test your diapering skills once again. It is wonderful......congrats to both of you.
I'm so glad to hear that they are coming to visit you and Lee.
Something very special to look foreword to.
Congratulations again , to both you and Lee. LOL Elaine, Maurice & Michael
Congratulations Al,
Thats why youve been staying up late all these times I've been on the forum it wasnt me at all you were preparing yourself for those late night feedings. I think its just wonderful you will be a awesome grandpa. All the best to you and your family.
Congrats Brutha!

I think
is more fitting...
Mike, you are awesome ! That is so cute. You are so talented. I doo not think however that is the way Al should bathe the new baby though, ha. Again Al and Lee, congratulations, you will make awesome grandparents. That new baby is so lucky. Lots of Love to all.

Love, Carol
very good Carol, glad to see you still have your sense of humour...hose her down........she is a cutie pie...........
CONGRATULATIONS AL and Lee! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news with us! So many happy thoughts to your family!

No wonder I drink! Talked to son tonight to check on mom and baby and he tells us he is flying to Hong Kong on Fri. to bring a friends new 54 ft yacht to Subic Bay in the Philippines. Sailing across the South China Sea is supposedly quite an adventure.Should be at sea 4 days.If all goes well. The Captain and 2 other guys are going. A Swede that I know from there and another unnamed individual. Lord give me the strength. Poor timing but his friend trusts him with his 3/4 million US $ boat so What do you say to him? Good thing I'm bald or I'd have torn out what hair I had left. I'd probably jump at the chance to go too but as luck would have it ALS has put a bit of a damper on my escapades. Not much but a bit. Guess Chris will do what I can't anymore. Well enough venting for tonight. Clinic in the AM.
Just catching up on my posts after vacation and it seems the circle of life continues! Congrat's to Al and his family. Melissa
Wow that was odd I just sent out a whole new letter and poof its gone and now I dont even remember what I wrote so I'll have to go to bed to think about this one. I guess it wasnt that interesting!lol
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