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Oct 13, 2004

Artemis Foundation is thrilled to present Fashion Forward, Fall 2005 – a celebration of food, fashion and lifestyles on the Uptown 17. Launching Calgary’s own Fashion Week on the Avenue, Artemis Foundation is hosting a Sunday Urban Brunch and Fashion Show at the Metropolitan Grill, Mt Royal Village on Sunday September 25, 2005, with proceeds supporting the ALS Society. Information and tickets regarding Fashion Forward can be found at

ALS Society intends to use these proceeds to fund an innovative and unique program to enable the children and child siblings of people with ALS to participate in the same activities and opportunities that children outside ALS families would be exposed to. (i.e. summer camp, scholarships, sporting and cultural events, opportunities and other activities that foster healthy childhood development). In most instances in these homes the attention is on the person with ALS and the vast majority of the resources go towards caring for the person with ALS. Many times, unwittingly or unintentionally, other people within the household, especially children, are made to forego activities that take place in a "normal household" and can end up missing significant events and milestones in their childhood because their family has been under so much emotional and financial stress for a prolonged period of time.

This program can go a long way to helping restore normalcy and recapturing their fragile childhood. ALS Society hopes that this program will be recognized by other provincial ALS units and could potentially be a catalyst or springboard to support and promote healthy and happy childhood experiences for children affected by ALS across the nation.

Artemis Foundation is an organization comprised of 30 forward thinking, socially conscious women (along with their friends and family) striving to make a positive impact on our community. Artemis Foundation established in November of 1999 as a registered non-profit organization and since inception, has raised awareness and funds (over $190,000!) for Calgary charities including The Women’s Emergency Shelter, Street Teams, The Patch Project, The Rainbow Society of Alberta, Safe Haven Foundation and Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Society. Artemis Foundation has also supported numerous local events through the donation of time and expertise. For more information please visit our website at
Hi Mike. I was at the ALS Society of Ontario Annual General meeting Fri. and was talking to one of the Directors and was telling her about the Artemis Foundation and the fundraiser. She was quite interested in other projects to raise awareness so I told her where to find you on here. She may PM you.
I love Calgary and I wish I could go it sounds like a really good time and a very worthy cause and of course a day where I would be able to met all the great people involved with ALS. Unforutnately I have no time so keep us posted.
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