calgary als clinic makes house call

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Lucky guy. don't take all that medicine at once and don't overcook the scallops.
Al would know...

he's probAbly 'over-cooked his scAllops' numerous times during his firefighting cAreer...:)

chris...nice job on the 'house cAll'.
Would you be referring to the time elaine came to dinner and we had the shrimp smoke up? i used to overcook scallops but know how now. tough and leathery is not the way to have them. we'll all be wanting house calls now. chris may have opened a can of worms.

Tender and easy to chew they will be guys...doctors orders. rosemary is thawing them now... a quick fry lots of garlic butter....starting with some wine right now...thanks for the comments.
Wow! i am impressed. share your love of scallops; we have excellent fresh scallops here quite often. making my mouth water.
i usually soak them for a few hours in zesty italian salad dressing or whatever is your favourite but not the creamy ones. put them on a high bbq for about 5 or 6 minutes turning once. or i cut half a strip of bacon and wrap each one in bacon secured with a toothpick and do under a hot broiler till bacon is crisp. smoky flavour and juicy. or saute in a pan like chris with lots of butter and garlic. any wine is fine with them.
You guys are beginning to sound like martha stewart.....i love the last line al, 'any wine will do'...priceless

Scallops were great however of greatest importance to me was the words on the plaque.


of this i am proud. work or not, was able to make a difference. sorry about the bragging, just can't help it.
You're right chris, the words are pricelss and you should be very proud.
keep up the good work!
Chris - brag on....we all have to toot our own horn once in awhile!

as for the scallops, you're making me hungry. i'm going to have to print that recipe and count the days till it's warm enough to bring out the grill....i'm dreaming of summer! we also like oysters in a garlic/white wine sauce. yummy!

hi kim, theresa, carol, and all the other women of this site. of course, we can't forget the men, they seem to be the most chatty lately! everyone here is great. i hope we keep this forum alive.

Dear mannaco,
wow how wonderul to have such a thoughtful team of experts working for you. i cant believe they came to your house when i cant get tim started on any programs. i had a blow out with his nurse today asking why he wasnt getting physio 3 times a week, why a speech therapist wasnt working with him and why his dr hasnt seen him since his diagnosis. she said a pt was a was aware of his conditon big Deal and had assessed him. how could he do that when he has never seen tim. i told her that his muscle atrophy proably wouldnt be as bad if he would of had the pt from the beginning. tim told me today he was told someone was supposed to come but never did. tim doesn' t do a lot of talking because he feels like its not his place but i'm geting sick of this when i see the care others are getting. i told her i was going to be tims advocate from now on and she said tim was her client and until he couldnt talk for himself she would still be talking to tim. i told her she didn't have to worry about it because tim wanted this and that he would be in the room with every conversation we had. i asked about assistive help like having someone stay with him at nights because he doesnt want to leave his home and she asked me where was the funding supposed to come from. i didnt know the answer to this but someone on the forum had suggested this so i just brought it up. does anyone know where i would find the answer to this quesion?i told her that i thought sask. had the worst care for als patients compared to any of the other provinces i have encountered. he does have home care come in 3 times a day to feed him and wash his hair. this is the extent of his help. mannaco i have observed through your pictures that you wear some kind of special foot wear, what are they if you dont mind me asking? as for the scallops i have a big bag of large ones in my freezer and i'm going to try every recipe my mouth is watering just thinking about them. was that an ansel adams print you were given it looked like something he would do?
wishing the best for tomorrow
als about loving someone
Kim - good for you stepping up to the plate as advocate. it sounds like you will be a good asset to tim in that regards too.

we should have a big seafood dinner party sometime! i was born in washington state and i love seafood. most people in michigan don't seem to care for it, but then, we don't really get the freshest; best seafood here so i guess i can't blame them.

my sister is going to be here from out of town starting tomorrow morning. i may not get a chance to check in until she leaves but i hope everyone is a good week, looks like the weather should start warming up a bit.

dont ever be afraid to say whats on your mind

Hi again everybody,
well its totally official i will move in witH tim to spend His nigHts witH Him. i finally talked tHis over witH my Husband and He Has given me 100% back up. i am so proud of His attitude. He knows How special tim is to me and He is now going to sHare His wife witH anotHer man. Hows tHat for trust guys! i feel like a weigHt Has ben lifted off my sHoulders and now tim Has tHe security He needed so badly too. if some of you didnt know my Husband and i were Having some problems and tHey werent because of tim but He finally saw tHe ligHt about How mucH He cared about me and i finally told Him tHe story about my dilemma and tHe secret i was caring around. even dr pHil couldnt of Helped out on tHis one and i dont tHink He would of tHougHt tHis would of been tHe conclusion. now everyone is Happy and everyone is going to get tHeir needs met. today is one special today my prayers Have been met. i tHink its time to celebrate witH scallops maybe a lobster tail would go nice witH tHat.
Have a great weekend
kim from tHe prairies
als about loving someone aint it tHe trutH

Timshelper. those pictured are the top doctors in their fields, and janice the clinic coordinator. they have guided me through the morass of paper work and fought for me when equipment was required. for my part i tried to remember how i felt going into first clinic. when someone wanted to talk janice would ask if that was alright and i got a new friend. when they wished me to give a presentation i gave it. same for jane from als society. homecare on the other hand have helped with some equipment and a very capable personal care aid 3 days a week 4 hours a day however all the therapists were a waste. they did not for the most part understand als differences. all they did was fatigue me. once i asked a pt if she could do range of motion excercise with me i was told that would not be a very good use of her time. i did not ask them back.

try to use clinic and als staff. they are experienced dedicated and proffessional. they have become family to us. here are some more

as i am now under the palliative care umbrela i have different support
my boots are called moon boots and are from medical supply store. my wife says they are just faux fur turned inside out.
my web page is please make als into capitals. i have my presentations and many pictures of equipment etc. there
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