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Sep 13, 2021
For the last 4 days I have noticed a burning sensation in the inner thigh of my left leg, the one that is giving me the most symptoms. I feel it when I pull my leg up across the other one to put shoes on. It also has a prickly feeling and then goes away. What worries me is it's also happening in the "good" leg but, to a lesser degree. I can't find anything about this online and was wondering if this is a symptom or something else. I know it's not a pulled muscle because I've had those many times. Thanks in advance.
Hi Jabba-

It could be something as simple as hip or lower back spasticity causing nerve impingement in your legs. I've had the most dreadful sciatica since things moved into my back/hips and it started with tingling in parts of my legs. Massage therapy (gentle, as vigorous can cause further spasticity, stretching and a knowledgeable physio can help sort out some of the issue.

I'm not sure where you're at with regards to meds for spasticity or if there's some hip or back support you need when sleeping or sitting during the day, but it might also be something to look at as well. A really decent lift chair can help if you're sitting for long periods of time.
That's kind of funny. Two weeks ago I was at the ALS clinic and tried out the lift chair, I have been checking prices. I also started some specific stretches for hamstring, calves and hip flexor. I also just got a referral to a physical therapist that works with ALS/PLS, that's next Thursday. I just upped the baclofen to 20mg 3 times a day and have had a couple spells of some-what regular walking compared my new normal of walking. I had sciatica once close to the start of all this and would not wish it on anyone, sorry you are dealing with that. Thanks
Hi Jabba,

My husband had burning sensations, as well, on his most affected leg. The only thing he found that remedied it was some topical CBD/THC cream. He used it regularly for a few weeks and that seemed to solved the problem. Not sure if you get some or believe in using such products, but my husband said it worked well and now he uses it for every ache and pain he has.
Thank you for that. I work for the government and worry about random drug tests. I hear the CBD won't pop a positive but the THC will. I will look into it.
Some of our PALS, including my late husband, have done well with a Golden lift chair. You might check out the MaxiComforter line, among others.

From what I know, topical CBD/THC (more often creams) won't affect drug tests, but transdermal products (more often gels or patches) will.
@lgelb Are those golden lift chairs or anything similar covered by insurance?
@GXTrex , my experience- I successfully argued my chair was "necessary medical equipment", supported by a letter from my neurologist. It took some extra communication, but I managed to get it covered.
In the States, coverage is doubtful because it would be considered a "convenience item" rather than DME.

Unfortunately I kind of figured that in the US. I guess getting out of a couch is purely convince. Medicare wants me to leave him in the couch indefinitely I guess. ugh...
If I remember correctly I think I was told by the local company where i got my chair with a prescription they could waive sales tax. I didn’t do it because i was planning ahead and it would have been asking my doctor to lie as I didn’t need it yet. I encourage you to shop locally. I got a better price than online and had delivery and set up - also they would service it if needed though I was told the type of recliner I have ( mentioned by Laurie) never needed anything but a new controller
our state loan closet loaned us a lift recliner, can you access a loan closet?
So, my Neurologist said it's nothing to do with my ALS, I hope that was a slip since he had been saying PLS for months! I get to have another MRI because he thinks it's a spinal issue since one of my original MRI's showed a narrowing and impingement on the canal. I guess I'll wait and see. Thanks for your input. I am now shopping motorized, heated, massaging recliners. They look really nice and I'm looking forward to it. My wife had me dispose of my La z boy after it got kind of disgusting from breast feeding our kids and burping then in the chair! Not this time!
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