Bunaogao has anyone heard of this?

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Nov 9, 2005
** Chinese supplement Bunaogao is a scam, don't buy in to the online marketing! **

I wondered if you had heard of the Chinese supplement Bunaogao? I have seen this mentioned a bit on the internet but I have not heard of any patients with ALS actually giving it a try. I have also contacted some ALS associations and basically they have heard of it but they do not have any scientific studies to date that prove that it actually works.

My mother has had the illness for almost 16 years and I am researching possible alternatives as I would love to see her well again someday.

thank you in advance
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Yes.It does nothing at all. I've sent you a message about it .Check it pls.If anyone else needs info about bunaogao post a reply here. My father tried it and it did nothing to him at all. I'm sure that the people selling this herp are trying to 'still' money from desparate als patients. While we were trying to buy the herp the wanted the payment in advance and after paying them we couldn't find them to tell us were the shipment was.We were transfered from one telephone to the other... After arriving ( I live i Cyprus) and tested for a long periot from my fother he stoped it. SUCKS!
I too have heard nothing good about this herb. It is expensive and no one posting on here that I can remember in the last 2 years has had anything good to say about it. Buyer beware.
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