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Jul 6, 2005
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Hi Everyone, I don't know if you remember but I am the one who has the brother that was experiencing bulbar symptoms. Since then, the neuro has said 'possible' als due to our family history. I don't know if anyone can help but he was over last night and to me, it looked like he was at the dentist and still had novacaine. His speech is ok except for the s's and he can swallow. No twitching and his tongue is fine. His problem mainly is his lips, jaw and under his chin. I know 'granny' on this site has blulbar and she was helpful (thanks). I am not looking for you to diagnose him, just looking for people with the same symptoms. The other thing is that he told me he feels a tightness under his chin which has been there for quite a while, and he also was showing me that where his jaw meets his ear and then down towards his chin gets tired at the end of the day. Does this make any sense to anyone? Thanks so much!
Have any of the doctors ever mentioned Bell's Palsy? It can sometimes produce the symptoms you describe. It might be time for a second opinion.
bells palsey

hi al, we've had 2nd and third opinions. doesn't bell's palsey only affect one side of the face? this seems to be effecting both sides. also, his eyes aren't affected.
From what I've read it usually only affects one side and doesen't necessarily affect sight but I've come to believe that there are exceptions to all the rules. Especially with ALS.
[quote:d5a5bfcb19="janicebuf"]it looked like he was at the dentist and still had novacaine.[/quote:d5a5bfcb19]

Hi Janice,

When you say your brother looked like he was at the dentist - was your brother experiencing any kind of numbness or was it more that he was unable to control the muscles in his face?

I have been experiencing numbness in my chin which I am told it not a usual ALS symptom.


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