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Sep 5, 2007
Im 22 year old male from Czech republic. I was always anxious about my health (too much as doctors say).
A 3 months ago I got tremor - my muscles shake a bit. It was during an exams on the university.
I read about Wilson disease and got panic attack. It was terrible. Some time later I got muscle twitches - everywhere on my body. Just 2-3 fires. Its better now, I got only few twitches per day.
I saw 3 neuros - all told me its from my mind and I got antidepressives and Rivotril (Klonopin). No EMG - they just test my reflexes and so and told me all is OK.
But a few days I was stupidly researching if Im able to clench my teeth symetrically. From this my chewing muscles got tired very quick. I dont know if its weakness-I just had to wait a few seconds and its OK.
Few days ago I also noticed my swallowing is worse - I feel ĺike I have to swallow twice to complete it. I knew that this is ALS symptom and my mind is really strong (if I was affraid of MS- I feel pins and needles in my hands for hours), but Im scared to death of ALS. My anxiety is killing me. I would be very thankful for any comments of people who know this nasty disease...

You all are brave, very brave people, I envy you and wish you the best!

the symptoms of ALS do not go away or get better. The symptoms may get worse for a couple of days upon exertion and return to the way they were before exertion.

Were the neuros you saw ALS specialists?

I think perhaps you may need to seek counseling to control your anxiety. JMHO
Hi. It is very easy to feed one's anxiety when surfing the net. If your docs are not concerned then this is lucky!:-D You are blessed. Did they offer somehting for anxiety? Do you have any hobbies or friends who can help you keep your mind occupied? Good luck and I wish you well. Cindy
I know, I too know that the chance I have bulbar ALS in 22 years is almost nothing..but Im still scared to death.
No, they werent ALS specialist. The one said he had seen many people with ALS and I dont have it- he couldnt find any trouble, even no twitching because now it occurs only a few times per day. He said twitching is due to anxiety - I had many worries this time, probably had chronical anxiety.
I also almost never had twitching in my face..everywhere but on the face it was only 3-4 times during these 2-3 months. No weakness, just quick tired (excerise intolerance probably -BFS? Hoping...)
I have Klonopin for anxiety but Im not taking it anymore -too addictive and it wont help later. It helped me through my first panics of ALS.
Still hope its all my silly mind (in 13 I was convienced I had tumors) and oh yes, I have ANXIETY-CAUSED breath unsufficience since I was 14.
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