Building Fires Under Butts

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Aug 24, 2007
Money Money Money $$$$$$$$ Thats all thats important . and how do you get it ?
Well you either sell sex , Discuss What Stars are taking Steroids ,Mention Politics . These are Very very important topics OOOOOOH i forgot Me . First ,in order to get the ball rolling . Education is the Key ,we problably only have about 30% competant Medical Personel in the whole US . Then we have those who wont get off dead center unless you wave money in front of them . You need to irritate or intimidate or both . Years ago we have Demonstrations from Hippies and others .They got attention . Instead of asking for money a bunch of MND patients need to have a sit in in Washington the problem is we are too quite . All Primates do the same ,they shun the sick and old
So true, so true. But I didn't protest in the 60's and 70's and I just don't see me doing it now. I have trouble getting the energy just to pay the bills. I procrastinated 6 months before applying for SSD. I can't see me even doing a letter writing campaign.

I know, it's people like me that may not be a part of the problem, but we're sure not a part of the solution either.
I Agree Geo

I Agree Geo. Amen Brother! People Need To Get Fired Up! I Am One Of Those People.

I've got something in the works, just give me a bit longer.
The Wheel that squeeks loudest gets the grease .Too Much Poilitics and politically correctness goes on with those Large Charity Corps and not enough Butt chewing and fire building . Between the Lawyers and the Politicians ,they have this country so screwed up we'll never see light . We live in a gated 55 + community and i asked if we couldnt have Parramedics come and give CPR and Water rescue at our Clubhouse as we have a large Pool and lots of Seniors , i was told we cant have that as if we did and someone administered it and someone died anyway that person can be held liable because he or she was trained in it . So much for Lawyers ,cant even try to save someone . Icant imagine trying to get a life saving drug to market Geo
Ok, I spent yesterday trying to get some things together. What I ended up with is a very rough beginning and can be found here:

The website will be dedicated solely to advocacy. I need ideas in terms of ways to make the site easier, content for articles and letters and contacts. Take a look at let me know.

Note that if you register you will be sent an email with a validation link. This link must be followed to complete registration.
Don't know if it's in every state, but most states have a 'Good Samaratan' law that precludes someone from getting sued as long as what they did was reasonable under the emergency conditions. I think I'd press the Admin. again.
Jeff i couldnt get the link to work Geo
On the Emergency procedures and if you havent had a class yes Good Sam Law is good ,but if you have had a class like CPR No Thats where the lawyers come in ,thats the glich in the law .This is why people dont help people anymore . Look at the fine print in the law Geo
Geo, try the link again it should work. If not let me know.
Got it im signed up even though i have PLS not ALS i think if you cure one you cure both . Geo

Don't give up hope. I gave you my opinion and word. I will help anyway I can. All of us need "Fire Under our Butts". Without Hopes and Dreams, None of them would come True.

My fire is set... Will do whatever it takes, I am on board...SO add another one to the list.. We need numbers and with numbers is a voice...........Hopine

I Heard You!

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