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Dec 29, 2006
Glyconutrients and ALS

I would have posted this to the last Glyconutrients thread , but for whatever reason it was locked . I asked members the question below regarding Glyconutrients. and there were mixed responses, I've talked to a lot of people about the same, and got mixed results. The one thing that did seem to be common amongst Glyconutrient users is that the majority of them seemed to be happy with the product for maintaining their general health. After my research, I've chosen not to use the product, the main reason was cost, the secondary reason was, for the same amount of money I could be on high doses of coenzyme queue 10. I hope this helps in your research.
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Hi Alma' Daddy. Sorry I had to take out the references to where to purchase the above mentioned products but while people are entitled to an opinion we will not advertise products that we feel are suspect. Did you or any one else notice that one of the people noticed his eyes got better? Really now! Then his bulbar symptoms got better? Come on now. God I wish I could afford these miracle cures. They aren't lining up to give me any free ones to cure me and make me a believer are they? Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? If you THINK about IT.
AL the skeptic.
Al, I think you are being too kind. I recommend deleting this entire thread--sounds like a sales pitch to me. Anybody who can figure out google can find this crap. Removing the links alone does little to protect the more credulous readers.
Personally, I think it's fine to keep threads like these. The strong commentary from the skeptics is really enough to alert the credulous to the possibility of a scam. What if their only source of information about these products was the marketers who are promoting them? At least here this type of information is challenged and the awareness of forum members is raised. That having been accomplished, it is up to each individual to decide how they wish to proceed.

Just my two cents. :)

Hi all,

I take the Mannatech products and not only did it cure my ALS but I no longer have dandruff, I don’t need glasses anymore, I can run 60 mph and I can move objects with my mind!
**sorry, I know it’s too early in the day for sarcasm**:-D

To be honest, for as much as I detest Mannatech, I agree with Liz to let the thread stand (Minus links as Al has done) to let people read what some experiences with these products are.

I, for, one have not tried the products. BUT, I will never forgive the Mannatech distributors for what they did to my good friend with ALS. First they broke his wallet, then his marriage.

They are scammers and part of a pyramid scheme.
That’s my testimonial about the company, not the product.
About the product, glyconutrients;

If they did all that the company claimed, they would be readily available, by prescription, to all patients of every neurologist in the world.
Not paid for through a 'door-to-door' salesman.

(Apologies to any door-to-door salesman...[cya])
The treads sound like another scam for gyconutrients It doesnt work it a marketing company that asked me if I wanted to buy into it and get the product ten percent off. I found no change off or on the product. Please beware >Pat
Sorry about the links Al, and I should not have posted that thread before deleting them. As I was aware of the controversy. It was posted strictly as information for a new member that was curious. And as I said in my post, I chose not to use the product. After a year's worth of research.

I also am kind of surprised though, as to the hostility towards Glyconutrient in general.
It's not poison.
Maybe we could create a special spot like for instance
"things that the group as a whole have determined don't work"
Glyconutrient's, any and all vitamins, stem cell therapy, umbilical cord blood, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, anything to do with hockey, good attitude, happy thoughts, prayers, and these are just a name a few things in general, where do you stop? People have the right to make up their own mind , and I would have thought that as a group, ALS support group, that the best thing to do would be to give as much information as possible to whoever was asking, and of course include your opinion.
I am not personally a fan of multilevel marketing, but then again it still is just marketing, like Coke or Pepsi, which are not good for you at all, but they do give the appearance on their commercials and adds that your life will be better with their products. Is every company that uses this strategy a scammer? The majority of them must have descent products, I would think, people aren't stupid. Personally I have never used any product that has ever been marketed in that manner. but my point is that people need to be able to make their own decisions, so give them as much information as you can. Even if it's difficult to give unbiased information, because of our own personal opinion. Or at least send out a memo or a flyer to all the members stating exactly what products and services that this site will not entertain conversation or debate over.
I don't have a problem with the information just the links to the product. Personally I like guns but don't tell everyone they will be better off if they buy one. I wouldn't put up a link for a gun manufacturer. If someone says guns kill people that is their opinion. So be it. I don't want gun advocates here raving and trying to convince everyone to get a gun and telling us we will all have a better life with one. Thats what these guys do. So we moderate. Most of the people here can do a simple search and find this crap if they really want to. We allow mention of it and debunk the things that need it. I'd do the same for my friends about anything that I thought may not be good for them. That's what friends do.

This thread is blatant trolling to illicit discussion in the hopes of turning yet another desperate person towards a site that sells glyconutrient garbage.

AlmasDaddy, if you'd like to discuss, promote, or debate glyconutrients you will have to do it on another website.

Yes, I removed all the duplicate PLM content.
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Obviously all of you did not reed the post, as I just posted questions to other ALS patients in an attempt to find out more about Glyconutrient's for myself and then shared the information with another ALS patient, no trolling no alternative motive just trying to be helpful and you criticize me personally,you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
If you had read the post, you might have e-mailed me directly telling me what a controversial topic that was and warned me to remove that topic, not criticize me and tell me that was a blatant attempt to troll for Glyconutrient's. What kind of help is that?
Obviously we've had a couple of misunderstandings here. I hope everyone can see where the other person was coming from through this controversial post and we can put it behind us with no hard feelings. Lord knows most of us have enough turmoil in our lives without getting bent out of shape over comments on the forum.
Gotta agree Al!:mrgreen:
I don't believe Michael is trolling or trying to get people to buy the stuff, he's just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us.

Thanks for being a level headed mod Al! Still putting out fires, eh?
Yea stll have to use the old avatar. My Calgary buddy Mike is too sick to do anymore.
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