brother has ALS funeral home may be required

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Sep 18, 2006
My brother who has ALS resides in Quebec, I reside in Sask. He was hospitalized sunday. I fear for the worse. I really could use some help, does anyone know of a decent, caring and professional funeral home in Sherbrooke that I may contact? His doctor has stated that my bother may not leave the hospital , and to be prepared for his demise. I thank you and pray for all in this situation.
Hello Pauline. I am so sorry for your brother's condition. If no one from Sherbrooke answers you might want to go to a local funeral home in your town. These days a lot of them are chains and they may be able to recommend one of their own or someone they have used previously. Good luck. AL.
Pauline, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. When you get to Sherbrooke, the hospital may be able to suggest a good home. If he belongs to a church there, you might call the minister.
brother has ALS

John, thank you for the info, I guess I just hadn't given that a thought, I normally am a fairly straight shooter. I would like to pre-arrange things for him when he passes on without having to cause further anxiety to his care-giver and his friends. I hope to be able to speak with his doctor tomorrow plus send a huge very clorful bouquet. Hospitals are so clinically white. He has lost his speech capability so no ph. contct possible. Thank you again my friend.

Hi. I'm sorry about your brother. I think it might be a good idea to pre-arrange things. My brother died several years ago from a different terminal illness. He was able to arrange most of it himself before it got too bad though. I was so upset when he passed, I was thankful some of it was already done. Your brother is blessed to have you. I hope someone at the hospital can give you the information you need. God Bless you and your family.

my brother has ALS

What a beautiful name, brought a small ray of it to me, thank you. I also said a prayer for you & your loved ones.It's scary having has no previous exp. dealing with a sad situation of this caliber, but I honestly believe that Al and this forum will be of great assistance & give me the strength & wisdom to do the very best for my young brother. Again thank you.

Hi! I think Sunshine is a beautiful name too! It is not my name though. My name is Jennifer but some other people are using it or some form of it. So I picked Sunshine. Thank you anyway. Thank you for the prayers also. We can certainly use them. If you don't mind me asking, how old is your brother? I agree that Al and the forum are helpful. I have learned a lot of useful information. Take care and God bless.

Sunshine (Jennifer)
Brother has ALS

Hi Jennifer, my brother is 54. Unmarried. No relatives nearby.The medical people at the CHUS have advised his caregiver (she is 80 years of age) that they can no longer keep him and must send him home as they cannot continue to expend their services on a person who has a terminal disease such as ALS. He was taken to this hospital sunday by ambulance.He is unable to swallow, is in constant agony/pain, cannot speak. They are sending him home to die likely by friday. I find this so disturbing and hard to belive. I have his Drs. name & ph. # and placed a call to him this afternoon. No reply to date. I am unable to travel as I suffered a stroke. I am limited as well. I guess I need some help in knowing what my options are. I appreciate your time. Pauline
Hi, Pauline. That is awful that they are just going to send him home with no additional help to you. There should be a social worker or someone who can help set up some kind of home care. They might not be able to have 24hr care but at least something. I know in the US we have hospice. I hope Al or someone from Canada can suggest some where you can get help. Since you don't live by and are having your own health problems makes things incredibly harder. It has got to be hard on his caregiver especially at her age. They should be able to give him something for pain etc. I have to run and take my son to school. My heart goes out to you. I'm sure someone from the forum will be able to give you more helpful information for the area your brother is living. I will keep you and your brother in my prayers. Sunshine
Hi Pauline. I am still waiting for information on that other issue we discussed. I too am amazed that they are sending him home. Have you been in contact with the ALS Society in Mtl? I know it is far from Sherbrooke but they may be able to offer some advice on who to contact in the area for Homecare. I don't think anyone from PQ has responded so our options are limited. I'll do some more checking. AL.
Brother has ALS

Al, thank you for caring. I have just spoke with a lady in the administration of the hospital in question. I am not able to speak with the Administrator nor with his Dr. I have placed several calls to that hospital in the last 3 days to no avail. The adnin. staff lady said that she would get back to me or jave someone else return my call. They are very non commital and very illusive. As it stands they will be sending him home, his apartment with no medical assistance whatsoever. Were you able to locate a funeral home (that I can trust?) Thank you
Still waiting for my friend to get back to me. If I haven't heard from her by days end I'll send her another email. AL.
Brother has ALS

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule. Life is not supposed to end this way, in reality most people are just too busy and stressed to take notice. I sincerely thank you
Brother has ALS

I am pleased to inform you that I was able to contact a very reputable funral home and I am dealing with the situation, Thanks to Al and Sunshine, you helped me at a very stressful time. This is a very comforting Group, thank you again!
Pauline, I'm glad you found a place you can trust. Please let us know how you make out with getting medical care for your brother at home. Take care. Sunshine
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