brisk reflexes

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Aug 4, 2007
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Just wondering what other illnesses besides als/mnd can cause brisk reflexes. Thanks, Mya
Apparently some people can be born with brisk reflexes or MS can cause brisk reflexes. Anytime their is an upper motor neuron lesion you can have brisk reflexes.... Just google it brisk reflexes or upper motor neuron lesion..... I did not have brisk reflexes with the first two neurologist's by the third she asked if i had always had brisk reflexes and if i was told that as a kid.... I said no, she did not even look at my past reflex report. So when i gave them to her she realized that they were actually slightly decreased, when this whole thing started...
My Dr. in the beginning always said my reflexes were normal it has only been since my illness had progressed they became brisk but the neuro had said was because I was young and anxious. That is part of my problem I used to travel to another town to see my doctor that I saw in the beginning of getting sick, as I got more ill it was too hard for me to see him and so now I have another doc, so it's hard for them to know what your progression is.
Sometimes i get so ticked off with doctors, they look for a specific sign and then when it develops they shrug it off.... I never even knew what brisk or abnormal reflexes were or meant and then when they ask if i knew they were brisk and if they had always been that way, that is when i asked my last doc and he said no... When i told my new doc, she just shrugged it off.... Well why in the heck do you do the test if you dont trust your results! Sometimes i feel like taking that vibration thing and a pinprick and poking these bad docs and saying that will be three hundred dollars, thank you!
I hear you, maybe they should revise there tests and ask you to hang a shower curtain in their office:mrgreen:Some of their tests seem so pointless. Yes I can hold up my arm and resist, but why do my arms get tired folding a basket of laundy, maybe next time I'll bring my laundry with me and you can bring your shower curtain:-D
Thanks for laugh! Really i think these would be better assessments of muscle function! :-D:mrgreen::-D:mrgreen:
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