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So Fotios we meet again.! Haven't seen you around here. How are you doing?
Hi Al
It's me 100 % the last months I learned to express myself in english language.
I am doing well , if you think we fight with a monster!
I can still eat food with difficulty , doctor told me to make peg within the next time,
my breath is 95% without smoke, my wife 98% with smoke lol
I need my wife !
How are you doing ?
Geia hara
One day will! Why not today?
PS. Al do you know why BobbyB is banned this morning?
I've been in email correspondance with BobbyB and he/she knows why they were removed from the forums.

The ALSforums will not tolerate aggressive marketers, people working for online pharmaceutical companies, or anyone that is trying to hinder these forums by posting duplicate articles verbatim from reliable, copyrighted sources.

For a complete list of the forum rules please read here.

ABSOLUTELY nobody here for help with ALS, support, or to offer care for others affected by ALS has anything to worry about; we're one big happy family. :-D
Hi Fotios. I'll post more later but Bobby got banned because he didn't post by the rules.
Hey guys,

While we're on the subject of banning people, did you ban the poster who came in trying to sell a "zapper"? He also posted over on the ALSTDF board, and I really got into it with him over there:)

The post was deleted and a warning to the user sent. It's hard to keep up with these people.
Glad to see you are so vigilant in keeping this forum free of that sort of thing.
I'd like to add my thanks, too, regarding the zapper guy. For once I kept my mouth shut!

Hello Fotios!
Sorry my inbox was full - could not receive the message.
Glad to hear back from you.
Feel free to contact me,
Hi Fotios. As you can see from my avatar I am the proud grampa of a 10 month old baby girl. They live in the Phillipines so I see her on webcam most days. I'm not doing too badly. Use a Bipap at night and can still walk ok, but not very far. Eating is fine and wine is still good. Can still hold the glass without spilling. Hands are getting pretty bad though, Can only type with middle finger of each hand. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. The temperature is above freezing today so some of the snow is melting. I can't wait for the warmer weather. Take care. Good to see you back, Al.
Hi Al:

It is a great day out there... I'm just back in from burning a bit of brush in the back 40. Mary only had the use of the middle finger of her left hand... but is spoke volumes... regularly.


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