Brampton Walk

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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
While we didn't do quite as well as Edmonton ,we are smaller with about 200 walkers and raised about $30,000. That is the preliminary figure as more donations are expected this week. Lee, Liz and the rest of the committee did a great job. The food and Elvis impersonator were great, the weather was fantastic and we think we'll get some good press from it. Can't ask for much more than that.
Way to Go

Way to go Al, Lee and Brampton walkers. $30,000. is an amazing amount of money. Elvis impersonator, we don't have that at the Alliston walk.

Sounds great Al! Where do you walk? A trail or a park?

Barbie, I spent some time training at CFB Borden and a whole lotta time at the Tim Horton's in Alliston! Mind you, that was in the mid 80's so I don't know if it's even there anymore.

hey Mike

Hi Mike

I live just south of Base Borden in Everett. Where are you now?

oooooh, the eighties, weren't they great? I guess you must be in or were in the military.

I'm in Edmonton now. I was with the MPs so we did our our training right there.
I was there in '85 when that tornado tore through. We were called out for security and search/rescue in Barrie...sure saw mother nature's power that year!

I loved that area. I tried to get a posting there but no jobs opened up. Guess no one wanted to leave.:-D
Congrats AL and everybody on a job well done! Cindy
Great Job AL. WTG.
God Bless
Capt AL
Hi there

Hello , There are a lot walks this year, every dollar brings us closer to a CURE! We did the walk at Seaside Heights N.J. this year. Jack did the ribbon cutting if you check the link there are quite a few pictures of us, we're the ones behind the ribbon, Jack in his motorized chair with Yankees baseball cap: There was a write up in the newspaper too. Had a lot more awareness this year! Good work everyone! My Best to all, Beebe
Hi Beebe. Could you check the link? It didn't work for me.
Hi Al

Hi there, The only thing I noticed was I didn't use a capitol on Walks. I'll post again. I hope it works,otherwise you can type in The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Assoc. Sorry ,I haven't perfected some of the computer skills. lol Have a good day! Beebe
Hi Al

I tried the link for some reason it's not working. Sorry. Beebe
No getting to link..

Link Not working for me either?
God Bless
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Pretty bad when a Canuck has to teach an American how to spell Philly. Eh? LOL.
We've all done the same thing Beebe. Lots of letters and symbols there to confuse us old folks.
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