Brampton Walk Results

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May 25, 2004
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Haven't done a full count but it looks like about $34,000 from todays walk. I think we had about 167 walkers. Down from last year but we have some issues that need to be addressed. Different time of year , change of venue etc. We'll see next year. Congratulations to the committee for a job well done.
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congratulations Al and Brampton walk

Congratulations Al and Brampton walkers. That is a great amount raised for ALS. It wasn't the best of weather today either.

Not sure about the total for the Newmarket Walk, but I do know that the rain held off long enough and that the turn out was amazing.

I am sure Tim will update you when he can.

Congrats again on a successful walk.

Barb :):mrgreen:
Job Well Done

Congratulations Al ! Job well done to you and the committee!
Wow Al,
That is *great*! I am not 100% on the totals from the Newmarket walk yet but I could have swore the number I heard there yesterday was around the 84K mark! As for number of people we had there...there were *hundreds*! It really was fantastic :-D

Hey Al,

Hope you had a good day.

I did the Hike 4 ALS at Kortright centre. The rain held off for the morning - it was not too bad.

So far the numbers are way down - only $9,717 raised of the $50,000 goal. Last year it was up around $25,000 to $30,000.

The turn out was OK - but I think the threatening rain scared people away. Plus, as discussed above, the Hike was "competing" against the Walk for ALS - whereas last year they were on different days.

So I guess the real number will be the combined amount of funds raised for both events compared to the combined amount for both events last year.

Regardless of the numbers, it was a great event and well organized. I really appreciate all the efforts of the volunteers and fundraisers.

There was a bit of a cloud hanging over the Hike in more ways than one.

Leslie Price was one of the fundraisers for the Hike and used to work at Kortright centre.

She was diagnosed with ALS in July of 2005. She did the hike last year on her own but this year she was making arrangements to have family and friends push her wheelchair over the trails

Unfortunately Leslie passed away on September 28, 2006 - 2 days before the hike. Her husband was there and gave a bit of a speech.

I never got a chance to meet Leslie - but every time I saw a leaf dancing in the wind I thought about her.

Thanks for the report Richard. I don't think I have ever met Leslie either but would like to express my condolences to her family and friends as well. We lost people last year and the numbers for the walk were down more than half. Some went to Oakville and some went to Toronto. As you say the weather could have been a factor. Hopefully when all the numbers are in the total will balance out.
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