bone pain?

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dona jean

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Nov 21, 2007
virginia beach
I am new to the forums. I was diagnosed with ALS about 3 weeks ago.
I have read about many of you and the similarity of systems. My question
is that last night for the first time I experienced a new system and wondering
if any of you guys have had the same. My bones hurt! My legs, hips and lower
back were in the worst pain I have ever felt. The pain lasted all night, I could not
get comfortable. Any one out there with the same, and if so, what do you do for
Thank you.

Dona Jean -

Very sorry about your diagnosis. In this forum you've found a good place for support and information. There is a Search bar above that you can use to locate previous posts on a specific subject like pain. My bones don't hurt but my muscles often do. I use a heating pad for relief.

Hello Donna Jean and welcome to the forum. I am also sorry for what is happening to you and your family. Like Liz said, almost every topic has been discussed here at some point. Poke around for awhile and see what comes up. Most likely some of our long time PALS will have ideas, too. They should be checking in soon. I am fglad you decided to join us! Cindy
Do a search on the link above for a thread titled "Leg Pain at night from not moving? "

I started it some time ago and there are several responses that may help you with the bone pain issue. I also suffer from hip, knee, and leg pain when I lay down at night. In the morning when I transfer to my wheelchair the pain goes away within 15 to 20 minutes?

God Bless
Capt AL
My mother has a lot of pain in her bones (she has arthritis too), and we find that paracetamol sometimes works better than morphine as it is an anti inflammatory. Other times she has liquid morphine to take the edge off and to help her sleep. Hope this helps.
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