Blowing the nose

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Oct 31, 2006
Hi all,
My wifes breathing has gotten bad enough now that she can no longer blow her nose.
We've tried a few things including Q-Tips, nothing has worked very well at all. We would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you
Yes this is a great question! My husband can no longer blow his nose also I have tried the baby suction bulbs, rolled up tissue and Q-tips nothing seem to quite do it. Any suggestions would be great!

I think we addressed this issue once a few months ago and one of the ladies said she just pokes her finger up and picks her husbands nose. Her rational being that we supposedly do this all the time ourselves so what's the difference and she said her finger was smaller so did a better job. I laughed at the time but it is a serious topic and I just thought I'd put in that ladies 2 cents worth in. I can't remember her name but I'll look for the post. I guess that works for the dry stuff but what about the runny stuff. Gross topic but it's all part of the program so we might as well talk about it. AL.
I wonder if suctioning the mouth would help. Then try the baby bulb syringe for suctioning the nose.
As long as the person is not aspirating, one of the things that can be done, if they tolerate, is to have a saline solution sprayed up the nose to help loosen things up....then the syringe bulb might help. The saline solution will help to thin out the secrections, making the aspiration of the mucus with the syringe bulb easier.
Thank you

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, We'll try all of them. I really appreciate the help.
blowing the nose.

Have you tried suctioning the nose as it works and is painless.
My wife and I discovered a product (in the U.S.) that works well for me. It is saline in a pressurized can with a nozzle designed to deliver a high pressure stream up the nose. The sensation will take your breath away, but once you get used to it, it is quite effective. :-D

Hey Mike. You're not advertising so what's it called? AL.
Hay Al,

I will get back to you. My wife is taking a nap, and I need her hands.

I can relate to that. No rush. Stores are closed anyway.LOL. AL.

Its called "Simply Saline" by Blairex Laboratories.

Thanks. I'll check and see if we have it up here in the Great White North although it isn't so white this year. AL.
My pleasure.:) Hey Al, I built a prototype "Hug Icon" graphic. Who should I submit that to? How many pixels should it be?

I'm not the technical guy here that is David. Send it too him via private message or to his email here at als I'd have to check but on the front page are 2 email sites you can send it to and I think his personal is [email protected]
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