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May 6, 2007
Hi everyone, I have a new question, well maybe its not new to you. I have always had good blood pressure, now I am experiencing low blood pressure a lot. I am always tired, but this is extreme to me. Today it was 103/58, on average. I have balance issues anyway but boy oh boy I feel like I am on a boat. Kinda out there, not that I am not out there already. I have been on the rilutek since March, this is more recent than that. I have been drinking enough liquid, and try to stay out of the sun. Anyone have any advice? THANKS, sherry
I don't know whether this will help or not, but my mom (not a PALS) was having trouble of a similar nature, and she was told she needed to drink juices, not just water, as medication she was on was depleting her potassium.
Otherwise, maybe it is time to ask your doctor about it to determine if there is a more serious underlying problem. ALS is an illness that keeps coming up with new surprises, so sometimes you have to get another appointment sooner than you thought you might need to. Don't be reluctant to go in and get what you need at any stage of the illness.
Ok guys this is just a guess but has some basis in fact. Feet and legs swell due to loss of muscle and the blood not being pumped back up to the heart as efficiently. So my thinking is that if blood isn't being pumped back up as well then the pressure would be lower as well. My blood pressure has been great for a while and they even lowered one of my heart meds. Didn't ask why but maybe pressure is lowering on it's own. Food for thought.
Thanks guys. Al I went to the GP today it was 90/58. He lowered my dose of tenormin. I also have Mitral Valve, so hopefully that will help. Potassium is a good idea too. If this continues I will most certainly see my neuro muslcular. Good advice as always. THANKS again. sherry
low blood pressure

I found out that i have low blood pressure when i started all my testing. It was so funny because i had a sinus infection, was terribley fatigued and just ended the day taking care of a classroom of wild kids, so when i went to the doc i thought for sure my blood pressure would be sky high. The nurse said your blood pressure is 104 (over something i cant remember.) Then she checked my chart and said did you know that you consistently have low blood pressure? I was like, no. That would explain why i would feel faint when i would stand up from a kneeling position. Sometimes if i got up fast blackness would encompass from beside me and i would get dizzy and come to before fainting, but this happened all my life even before i became ill. I read that having low blood pressure is a good thing and can actually prolong life!
Back in June the Doc reduced my BP meds and took me off completely last month due to reduced blood pressure. ALS cures high BP? Go figure.
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