Blanket Wars

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Dec 14, 2005
Ok. I Need To Know If Anyone Has Come Up With A Solution For The Blanket Wars ............i Have Them Every Nite... I Am Using A Small ..kid Size,lightweight One Now....but Still Get Stuck. Thankfully Ilive In The South, But Still Get Cold At Night. Any New Offbeat, Whacky Ideas? I'm All Ears...
And Thanks...............
Ok this is going to sound whacky but does you or any friends sew. What about flannel pyjamas with feet sewn in like for kids. They are lightweight, warm and won't fall off or bind up. You probably won't find a pattern but an experienced seamstress could design them. If that doesn't appeal to you there are plastic tent like apparatus available to hold the blankets up off your feet and still provide warmth. AL.
We just keep the house much warmer than it should be. Sooooo he's got a hot sweaty mama:) He likes his feet to be free, so they are only covered by a light sheet, the rest of him is in blankets. But again it's pretty darn hot in our house. Me? i stay in bed until he's sleeping, than sneak to another bedroom, close the door, and open the windows. But I wake up every two hours or so, this situation is similar to having a new born, you wake up when they need you;)
How about a pair of lightweight silk long johns like they sell at LL Bean and a pair of warm socks? The silk works good for mildly chilly situations so maybe it won't leave you overheated like regular long underwear would?

I'm just guessing because most of the time I am way too hot. I thought the hot flashes just went on for years (had a complete hysterectomy back in 1996.) But then I read where some PALS are hot a good deal of the time and others feel cold.
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