Bladder Control Issues?

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Apr 20, 2006
Loved one DX
My wife was diagnosed in March of this year and has now started on Rilutek.

She just had her RX filled last week.

She has had a couple bladder control issues over the last few days and this is certainly new to her.

She is also taking some vitamin suppliments - trying anything that can keep her strong and healthy.

Has anyone out there had any issues in this department? I had read that this should not be an issue with ALS. But I was wondering if it might be a side effect of either the Rilutek or a suppliment.

I didn't have any problems with Rilutek. What vitamins is she taking Tim?
Hi Tim, Perhaps it is just coincidence that your wife is suffering occasional incontinence at the same time as taking Rilutek. I am 53 and have had moments where I have been caught a little short. I think it is more about age and having given birth three times rather than anything to do with the illness or Rilutek.

Gail is a mother of three as well, and always looking to find people with a common history or situation to bounce things off of. It may just be a co-incindence but with the timing I thought I would run it by the people who know best. By the way, How old are your kids? Gail is 41 and our guys are still pretty little, at 6, 7, and 10.

Al, - Gail is taking pretty much everything she can. & Everything that she hears about that might help.

Vitamin E
Vitamin C
C O Q 10 or Q enzime 10?
Evening of primrose oil
Creatine powder
Alpha Lipoic Acid
and the one RX - Rilutek

oh yeah, and a little effexor - so that she doesn't get too stressed out if she forgets taking one of the above vitamins

HI, I have never given birth . I am 54. I have bladders issues but, i also have Chronic UTI's. I think it depends on the problems you have other than ALS. Or maybe a combination of things.
Mom Too?


My 74 year old mother was having slight issues with that when we went to get confirmation of DX in february. She told me about it when she was telling me about the Phone interview. When we got there, they found she had a uninary trach infection. I am told now, that she does not have that issue anymore.

Good Luck
Tim, you might check out a previous discussion on the forums titled 'Pee problems and ALS' It was started on April 24 of this year.

As other people have pointed out, the first step may be to see whether there's an infection involved.

It also could be of value to sort out whether your wife has 'stress incontinence' (leakage when coughing, laughing or bending -- and fairly common in women) or 'urge incontinence' (leakage associated with a sudden urge to void).

If you or your wife can keep an account of when it occurs (at night, during the day) how often it happens, and under what circumstances, that information would be useful to a professional who is trying to sort it out.

One link in the previous discussion that was helpful to us was to this site:
Symptomatic Treatment of ALS - The ALS Association

(You'll need to click on Clip 4 -- urinary urgency)

My husband has a problem with this and once other problems were ruled out or dealt with he was given medication which seems to be helping.
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