Blackwoods Blizzard Snowmobile Tour For Als

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Dec 29, 2006
:-D This Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will be attending the snowmobile tour for ALS in Minnesota which starts in Proctor Minnesota. The problem this year is there is no snow so it sounds like we will be trailering the snowmobiles from place to place and riding on a lake and whereever we can find snow. This will be my last ride as I have progressed with the disease quite a bit. My youngest son will be pulling me in a sled that was designed by engineers at Polaris for a gentleman who worked for Polaris and also had ALS. He has since passed away but the family kept the sled and offered to let me use it so I could enjoy my passion one more time. I will have to use Bi-pap but my wife's machine has a cigarette lighter plug on it and we have an inverter. This is a fantastic event, is only open to 120 riders and last year they raised over $200,000 which helps with the loan closet, research, etc. Last year I was able to ride my own machine, even if I did fall off a couple times, but they just picked me up and put me back on and off we went. It was definitely exhausting though. My wife will be following in our van with all my "equipment" this year. I have been very lucky as I have a family that will find a way to make something work if we want to do it. It is so important to keep a positive attitude and keep doing the things you like. I'll let you know how the ride turns out. Happy sledding!
Hi wheelchair driver. Hope it snows for a couple of days so the trails will be a bit softer for your ride. Good luck with your event and please do let us know how you make out. AL.
The event sounds like a blast, and I hope you have a wonderful time! Keeping my fingers crossed for snow for you; hey, maybe I can send you some from Colorado! Sharon
OK, I'll see what I can do :). Sharon
Hi wheelchair driver. I said it before and I will say it again. You are my new role model for coolness! I'd send snow from teh northeast but we haven't any either. Have a great time anyway! Cindy
We've only got about a foot up here in southern Ontario and I was talking to a lady Sat from Espanola which is in snowmobile country way up north and she said we have more here. Global warming? Who knows but glad I don't own a ski resort.
Hi there

Hi Al, we finally got some snow last night only 4 inches but it's so nice to see. My grandson was thrilled there was no school the roads were slick in am. Guess that Spring weather is gone for awhile temps have been in the teens at night. My friend is in Florida and it's been in the 40's they have frost advisory. Hope all is well at your end. My best to you, Beebe Hi Wheelchair driver, How did your snowmobile tour go?Hope you had some snow. My best to you, Beebe
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